Up yours, Boong Ga Boong Ga!

Can anyone verify that such a thing exists? And will the XBox be come packaged with the appropriate attachments?

Times must be tougher than I thought for Japanese businessmen, if they have to drop their yen on a Virtual Stinky Pinky machine instead of real live women.

The pictures look … well, real isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but it’ll have to do in this forum.


A part of me isn’t surprised, though. But I think those games are more ‘adult novelty’ than actual arcade games.

This thread links to a Wired article about it:

Hmmm…My search of the archives didn’t bring up that thread, since the name of the game is misspelled in it.

It’s most definitely a real game. Stranger than seeing Andrew Jackson waterskiing in a miniskirt, but there you are.

Here a few relevant links: