uploading iphone photos to Ebay question

My Kodak camera seems to no longer work, so I tried uploading photos from my iphone to Ebay today, which probably works better anyhow. For the first auction, I uploaded, or copied, the iphone photos to my email address as an attachment. When I clicked on Ebay’s upload photos button, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Apple iphone icon right there on the screen so there was apparently no need to send them to my email as an intermediary step.

So I didn’t send them to my email for the second auction, and there’s no iphone icon after I click the Ebay photo upload button. :smack: So do I really need to send the photos to my email address before Ebay can access them, or can they directly access the iphone? I clicked on the trust computer button on the iphone screen.

The problem is sometimes the internal storage displays the photos on the Ebay upload screen, but other times it displays nothing. I suppose I just need to be patient while the computer sorts things out. The photos were available a half hour ago, but now they’re no longer available again.

Are you using the iTunes eBay app? It should take care of all this…