Why won't Opera let me post pictures on eBay?

Whenever I try to use the “Use eBay’s hosting” tab to post my photos, the page refreshes to the same option I start with–the one that has the remote hosting option on top. I talked to one of the livehelp guys, who showed me how to clear my cache and assured me that Opera should work just find for posting pics.
But I cleared the cache and thanked helpguy, and it’s still doing the same thing. For the time being, I do the entire auction on Opera, then go in with IE and revise it by adding my pictures. I dislike doing that, though, because doing anything with my IE takes FOREVER.
Any ideas?

Sorry that the following is all I can suggest:

I use Opera for doing eBay auctions. But I upload my pics to a website, and then include standard html image links in my listing. This gives me much more control over position, quality, etc. Also, you can give eBay the web address of your image and it will download and place it for you.

(I.e., I have never encountered your problem using Opera on eBay since I do something else. But I have noted certain problems using Opera with eBay and PayPal. Schmucks.)