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I just want to ask everyone in the upper midwest (even iowans) to drive REALLY carefully, or not at all if you can avoid it tonight. Thank you :slight_smile:

weather courtesy of http://www.wunderground.com

I also urge everyone to drive safely… and for the mother#$%er in the white Doge Caravan who tried to take a right turn at 20mph, jumped the median, slid sideways, missed my truck by inches, and slammed into the poor bastard behind me… F&k Y^o.

our weather

…oh I forgot the guy trying to make a left turn on the largest, steepest hill in town. Thank you for blocking 2 lanes of traffic to pull into your trailor park. You allowed me some time (5 minutes of blocked traffic) to have a cigarette and calm down after having almost been killed by your brother in the Caravan. You made me laugh as you pulled in front of three lanes of traffic traveling towards you at 30mph over 5 inches of snow on a bed of glare ice.

Winter driving has been on my mind a lot, esp. this year.

It’s a 17-mile commute to work, and I am SO tired of the new routine. “Carla, do you want to follow me or should I follow you.” Or “should we stay in town tonight?”

Getting up in the morning, in the dark, not knowing what the roads are like until you’re on them. Shoot, you can’t even see to turn around and go home!

Trying to figure out how slick it is by tapping the brakes, or speeding up a bit. Wondering why all those cars are in the ditch – were they driving too fast, or is it icier than I think?

Dealing with a manager who frowns on his people staying home when the roads are (or might be) bad. “HR needs to set an example.” He lives in town.

I’m using vacation days, my work is caught up, no one’s inconvenienced if I’m not there.

<whine> Just let me stay home till spring, please. I’ll work extra hard this summer. <end whine>

Oh great. My SO is over at the Target Center in Mpls. watching the Timberwolves right now…he’s a good driver and has my minivan which is AWD, but that’s no good on ice. Now I’m going to be all worried until he gets home.

No need to worry Bobo. I live in Uptown only a few miles from downtown. The streets are wet, not icy. I just got in and they’re not slick at all.

Just another false alarm.

Besides, considering the congestion once the game lets out downtown, he’ll never be going fast enough to do any damage to himself or anyone else anyways.

An Important Note


An informed Minnesotan doesn’t mess around with that wimpy site you linked to. A true Minnesotan goes here.

I’d like to thank all the North Dakotans out there who drive slowly and carefully in the snow and inclement weather.

However, when it’s sunny in June, 75F, and you still drive as if there’s ice on the road: F@*k Y=u!

It should not take me 45 minutes to drive 15 miles in the country.

Glad to know Cnote that the roads are only wet. We live over in Hudson so there’s a fair bit of freeway in between. I’m hoping the temps won’t drop to freezing before he tries to come home. Things can get nasty fast…

He’s home safe. How scary. He said he saw a lot of accidents. Anyone out tonight, please drive safe!

It was really, really bad in the Cities tonight. The Mall of America closed early, and I was sent home before that. While on 494 eastbound, I almost hit the dividing wall, recovered from that, and then almost hit the support beam for the balconies on my side of the apartment building. NghtCrwlr was trying to get a hold of the State Police to see if they could find me when I walked in the door.

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It’s bad out there. A few inches of snow (big whoop) but then it turned to rain. There’s flooding, and now it’s colder all that water is black ice.

You can get traction in snow. Not on ice. And ordinary roads/streets flooded and barely iced over to look like pavement…bad stuff. Every year we have people “disappear” because they went skidded into water and aren’t found until spring.

Be careful. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going, it isn’t worth dying over.


Thanks for the link CnoteChris, but the link I had was to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It’s a little bit West of Minnesota.
Here we call ourselves: South Dakotans, hicks, or back-ass motherf@#$ers, but never (gasp) Minnesotans… :eek:

Can I toss a suggestion in here from the Rocky Mountain West?

When it’s snowing, TURN ON YOUR FREAKING LIGHTS* and clear the snow off your bumper so we can see what your taillights are doing!! People who don’t do this get my panties all in a bunch.

*I often drive a truck with a topper, & used to drive a semi OTR. In such vehicles, one relies only on side mirrors to see whatever is behind, or next to, the truck. When the weather is bad, mirror glass gets dirty, and it’s sometimes hard to see what’s there.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

While the above quote may seem like an innocent request, its amazing that some people just don’t do this. Yesterday on my drive home, there was an idiot on the highway weaving in and out of traffic WITH NO LIGHTS ON! All he had on were his running lights. And it was 1/2 hour after sundown.

As this is in MPSIMS and not the Pit, I’ll edit this post for content.


Ok, you blankety-blank blanks. I left for work early solely because I didn’t blank want to have to blank deal with your blank blank so-called blank driving. It’s bad weather out there. It’s icy. Highway 169 is always hell from 494 to 394. I feel for the rest of you. You’re doing a smart thing going slow. Better to get there in one piece, than not at all.

But I’m blank talking to blankety-blank blank blankety-blank you, the one in the blank Dodge blank Ram. 4WD helps you accelerate. It blankety-blank doesn’t blank help you blank blank stop blank on blank blank blank ice blank blank. You’ve still got blankety blank tons of blank blank steel moving at fifty-blankety-five miles-per-blankety-hour. When the road is coated with freezing rain all night long, then this means that your pretty little truck will keep on’ truckin’ even AFTER you slam on your brakes.

Normally, I wouldn’t care about your blankety blank blank blankety blank. However, there are times when I’m in front of you, and I DON’T like looking in my rearview mirror and seeing a blankety-blank SUV blankety skidding sideways blankety-blank towards me blankety blank blank blank blank because you’re blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank.

You’re just blankety lucky I had an exit ramp available, or I blankety blank would have blankety blank blankety blanked your blank back to the blank age.

Thank you.
[sub]Also, the word ‘blank’ seems really weird after typing it a few dozen times.[/sub]

Yesterday we had freezing rain with the expected slick roads. My heart was in my mouth as I approached campus because the pedestrians were being so foolish.

Look, pedestrians, I accept that much of the time you are going to jaywalk, cross against the light, cut it close, etc. Most of the time, it’s just an inconvenience for the drivers who have to slow a bit to accommodate you. We’re used to it. It’s campus. But for god’s sake, when the street is a sheet of glass, perhaps this would be the right time to play it safe? Sure, maybe you can dash across before I get near the intersection, but what if you slip and fall as I’ve seen two people do on the sidewalk just one block back? What if I try to stop but skid? I’m not driving slowly to give you more chances, I’m driving slowly because that’s what conditions REQUIRE.

If there is ever a time to follow the damn lights and use the crosswalks, it’s on a day when you’re not steady on your feet and cars can’t stop in their usual time/distance.

I’m now officially pointing and laughing at all of you who have to deal with these awful weather conditions every day for a good portion of the year. <nelson>ha ha</nelson>