Upper respiratory problems. Whats going around ?

In the Dearborn area it is so common we wonder who is not showing symptoms. Coughing ,kicking up phlegm and mild temperatures are the symptoms. My wife went to the doctor and got antibiotics. She wants them for a hangnail, though. Most of us are just toughing it out. For most of us ,we do wind up with a day or 2 inside, mostly in bed.
At my health club, it is everywhere. The lifters and racket sports players are all bitching about it. It just hangs on for weeks .
Is it elsewhere?. What can be done about it? Should we just ride it out?

I have had a severe sore throat for a week now. It started right after the food poisoning cleared up. I got the food poisoning right after the cold I got over New Years cleared up.

Had a nose bleed a couple days ago too. First one since grade school. Disgusting.

Connecticut, New Haven area, checking in.

Our office has had a chest cold going around for the last month. Nasty sputum production. Had me flat on my back for four days in February and I’m still not recovered. I’m just afraid of a relapse.

Is a relapse likely?
I play 8 to 10 hours of racketball a week and mt stamina is suffering. I can play well to about 6 points and the energy level drops badly. My chest muscles are sore from coughing up. Sleep is hard to get because I cough when I lie down. But during the day it is not as often.

Central MA here - General head and chest colds, stomach flu seem to be the main things going around. Most of the people I talk to on a regular basis have had some sort of cold over the last week. I currently have it in my head and chest. I also have a classmate who was diagnosed with Swine Flu a week ago. I have another classmate who has bronchitis. It’s a bad week for the respiratory system.

My stamina is shit right now. I can barely walk up the basement stairs without coming close to passing out. I usually run up the stairs.

I had what I called “bronchitis” for 3 weeks in February. I read up on bronchitis and nothing seemed to indicate that there was anything a doctor could do for me aside from antibiotics. So I just took care of myself and it eventually went away.

I did make sure to get some Robitussin DM Max, and Robitussin Night Time which helped a ton. I only coughed 3-4 times a day, and slept like a baby. Drank a lot of fluids and slept a lot, too. Every night I took a very hot shower with the bathroom vent fan turned off, and coughed up everything I could possibly cough up. That seemed to help me avoid having my sleep interrupted by coughing.

I avoided the gym because I didn’t want to be coughy and annoying, but when I did go back I carried a hanky to cough in to.

My parents have it now, but they didn’t get it from me.

I’ve had those symptoms for close to a month now. It’s going around like crazy here in the Charlotte area too. Every time I feel I’m over it, it comes back a day later. It was bad enough for me to miss a day of work early on, but now it’s just kind of lingering there.

Does it ever go away. I am in my 3rd week.

Northern VA checking in. I had a nasty cold in January, that turned from “oh, I think I’m getting a slight sore throat” to “glad the doc can see me today” in 36 hours (I have asthma, so a cold often morphs into bronchitis). Said cold made my lungs sound sooo bad the doc ordered a chest X-ray (no pneumonia luckily) and made me do a breathing treatment right then so she could make sure it improved things enough.

It was a month (and another flareup and round of treatment) before I felt human again. A neighbor of mine has been battling some creeping crud for a month also. A couple of girls from my daughter’s troop have been fairly sick as well (fortunately Moon Unit has largely escaped all of this, aside from an occasional 2-3 day bout with sniffling and slightly increased coughing).

Oh, so THAT’s where I picked up this misery…!

(Yes, I’m such a bad@$$ I vacation in Detroit. Or at least its suburbs)

Same symptoms my wife had. Doc gave her a 4-day course of antibiotics.

Did it work?

Half of the people in my office have been coughing for the last couple weeks. I missed 2 days of work last week running a 101-102 degree fever; my boss and his boss were both out with pneumonia at one point or another. Now I’m feeling pretty much fine with the exception of a nagging cough, and my stamina is a bit down.

I figure I could go to the doctor, but I’m not sure what he’s going to do for me that I can’t accomplish on my own just by taking it easy for a while longer.

Well, she got better, but I don’t know if it was the meds or just the natural course of the infection.

Los Angeles checking in, I’m in my second week with this crap. Same general symptoms, except I didn’t have the sore throat. Almost everyone I talk to has had it already.

This thread is starting to sound like the plot of a horror movie…

So far we have it in
Calif. Virginia
N. Carolina
That is getting around pretty well.

Add Indiana - I may have picked this crud up in Michigan but I’m suffering it in Indiana, and now my husband is, too.

add Ky - SimWife and I been battling it for a couple of months now - already had one round of antibiotics each - doesnt seem to help for long.

My wife and I have been sick on and off all winter it seems. She just got another dose yesterday. There are thousands of rhinoviruses, but once you’ve had a particular strain, you should have immunity from that strain, no? I’m sure it’s just a skewed view, but it seems like this has been a tougher winter than normal for this sort of thing.