UPS / History Channel / Nazis

So, I was watching the history channel last night. Or the Hitler Channel as it’s more accurately known. True to form, we were being treated to a fascinating four hour history of the SS. The first hour is devoted to to struggle between the SS and the SA. The SA was Hitler’s working class army of thugs and issued with brown a brown uniform. They were known as brownshirts. They often wore shorts.

And then up pops a little logo thing pops up in the bottom left …

What can brown do for you?

What the hell? :confused: When the revolution comes will UPS’s advertising department be the first ones up against the wall? Or is UPS some sort of sinister right wing front?

Oh, I can beat that–another badly placed ad on The Hitler Channel:

First the show, which was explaining how “first the Nazis began killing Jews by machine-gunning them, then by putting them in trucks and filling them with carbon monoxide. Realizing this was inefficient, they developed the shower rooms to be filled with poison gas . . .”

. . . Cut right to Mercedes-Benz ad: “Germans have always been proud of their engineering skills . . .”

. . . Cut to Eve rolling on the floor choking on her Pop-Tart . . .

Eve! I just this day left a message for you in another thread. My granddaughter and I are going to Paris in April. We have a planned a special visit to Chanel in your honor. Our only goal in that particular salon is to break wind.

On one of the news-talk shows the other night, I saw a really poor lead-in to a story.

The intro to that particular program showed recuperating Iraq War vets. Most of them were missing limbs.

But the first story itself was about the Presidential candidates and the lead sentence said something about their two “stump” speeches.

I hope the vets had a better sense of humor about it than I did.