I’ve been led by the nose for three @!#?@! days by UPS. My wife ordered a maternity-size dress for the holidays. Penney’s shipped it with UPS, who got it on the 1st. It arrived in my city’s USP depot on the 3rd. That’s the last it’s been seen.

But before they admitted that, they told me 3 successive days that it was on the delivery truck. One woman today even said that they had gotten the package today (even though the tracking info said 12/3) and it was now on a truck.

Finally, someone was able to get the truck driver to search, and determine that the package was not on the truck.

I called Penney’s to put a tracer on the package. They offered a re-order, but then noticed that they have nothing in my wife’s size.

So now I have a pissed-off pregnant wife (a deadly combination)with nothing to wear for the holidays.

<h1>Thanks, UPS!</h1>

Nothing to wear for the holidays, sounds like a good xmas present for you for the holidays…

Just joking…


Sorry to hear about the UPS incident. Maybe you could take your wife shopping tonight and find her something. Good luck.

I wish I could, but that’s why she’s been ordering from catalogs. Besides being pregnant, she’s plus sized. Clothes at maternity stores are generally for size 6 women w/ large tummies.

God, my wife is pissed. And guess who has to hear about it all weekend. :frowning:

I have had the same bad experiences with UPS. I am never home to receive their packages, so I have to call them and ask for the package to be held at the local service center (very very close to where I work)for me to pick up during working hours. It always gets put back on the truck for repeated delivery attampts. One time I was directed to a holding center on the other side of town, and when I got there discovered that this particular center had been closed for almost a year. Oh what fun.

Oh, by the way… what was the question?

I finally found a $300 computer part they delivered setting inside my portable gas grill one year. I really needed the part too. I figure it must have been in there about a week.

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My recent experiences with UPS have been just the opposite. Maybe it depends on the competence of the local management. We’ve bought a lot of new pc gear this year using the net and it’s mostly been delivered by UPS. I love their web site for tracking shipments - it gets updated every time the pacage gets scanned. It helps a lot that the local folks are very accomodating in holding items that require a signature.

I used to be willing to pay FedEx overnight prices to avoid UPS, but they’ve been great in Boulder recently.

(Now watch 'em screw up my latest shipment.)

I have bought many things lately (see the shopping thread) and most have been sent via UPS and all of them have been delivered quickly and in pristine condition.

I have been very happy with them.

Sorry for you bad luck.


Yeah, ive got them to take very valuable china from the west to east coasts lately every successfully.

I noticed you ordered from Penney. You should not as they add on shipping to your order.

Try say walmart or kmart online next time. Penneys is spooky.

I get stuff via UPS for both business and home, and there’s a distinct difference in my appreciation of their efforts on those two fronts. UPS for business is fine, they usually accomplish the task at hand. I don’t ship with them; I use Airborne through a third party biller for a cheap rate. If it is a must get there deal, I’ll use FedEx, although they’ve torched me a couple of times.

On the home front, I’d much rather be getting something via FedEx than UPS because UPS regularly leaves stuff on the street in front of my place and some of my felow citizens regard such stuff as “found” manna.

I didn’t like the UPS delivery man we had at my last job because he didn’t deliver the package by carrying them in. He opened the door, set the package on the floor, and kicked it in! I mean that he’d keep kicking it across the floor! They weren’t big packages, either, so it’s not like they were too heavy. We’d ask him not to do that because some products were in glass containers and they’d break. Or else some cans of spray were unsellable (is that a word?) because they’d get extrememly dented.

We finally had to call his supervisor and complain. He stopped but got snotty with us everytime he came over.

Now where I work we have 2 guys that deliver our stuff from UPS and they are wonderful! And cute, too, and like to flirt! :slight_smile:

No, stupid, it’s a boat!

I had a bad experience with UPS, but it wasn’t their fault.

My mother had sent a package to me from Harrisburg, PA to Lafayette, LA. 2 weeks went by and it didn’t showed up so she called
trying to get it tracked. They showed it bouncing back between PA and Illinois several times for no apparent reason for the entire 2 weeks.

I was furious (there were TASTYCAKES in that box!) … until I got the package and
pieced together what probably happened.

Turns out the box my mom had sent me was secondhand and had already been sent by UPS to Harrisburg. She never tore the old label off, just wrote my address on top of the box.

Why Illinois? My guess is that UPS has a hub there, and the Harrisburg facility, seeing the Lafayette address, sent it out to IL to go to LA. When it got to IL, which was probably handling hundreds of thousands of packages a day, they didn’t even look at the address. They just scanned the wrong bar code and sent it back to Harrisburg. Harrisburg got it and sent it back to IL to go to LA. This process was repeated at least
4 times.

Kinda made me laugh.

I had a UPS nightmare once and I avoid using them like the plauge ever since.

I had ordered a very expensive vintage guitar cabinet and was needless to say extremly excited when the UPS man came knocking at my door to deliver the package. We go downstairs (as I was living in an aparment at the time) so I can help him bring it up. He gets in his truck, throws/pushes the box out of the back onto the ground and when he see’s my look of horror he says “Oh! Thats a shipping crate right? I saw the wood through this hole in the box and figured it was a shipping crate”
. To make a long story short, the cab was trashed (and cracked from where he launched it out of his truck). UPS wouldn’t pay for damages because they said it wasn’t packaged right AND the guy I bought it from never returned any of my calls so I got screwed on both ends. FedEx may be more expensive but at least they don’t play football with your packages.

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You can track your order at

Also there you can get the real price on what it costs to ship. Do it cause the shipping center here, a private one, charges twice what ups listed.

These are not excuses for UPS but just a bit of info.

  1. UPS handles 12 -13 million packages a day, there are bound to be occasional screw-ups.

  2. UPS employees over 60,000 drivers, they cannot all be great and cute.

  3. UPS employees over 100,000 part-time workers to sort and handle all of their packages. It is hard to find good help and occasionally things get damaged. Though UPS generally pays the claims.

  4. There is a semi-automated hub in the Chicago area, so puffington (I believe) that probably explains your situation. The scanners probably were scanning the old bar code and routing it accordingly and eventually it got handled properly and shipped to you.

  5. FedEx is good, but they charge a good bit more than UPS and is only slightly more reliable.


I would never advise shipping UPS to a residential address, because the drivers are authorized to leave it if no one is there to accept the delivery. Yes, it’s more convenient for them to not have to make the multiple delivery attempts, but it sucks for you, because it’s quite easy to rip off the package and then either you or the shipper usually ends up eating it.

The Illinois hub is in Cache, IL. I wouldn’t be surprised if every package that passes through the midwest area goes through that hub.

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Depends on the merchandise.

If it is expensive (i.e. computer stuff) they are usually required to get an adult signature and so they cannot just drop it off.

I had a computer delivered and my wife was not home and they would not leave it, they delivered it the next day when she was.

The post office will just leave stuff as well (either in the box on on the porch).

I am not sure about FedEx or RPS, but FedEx does not ship non-urgent shipments, so unless you want to pay a lot for quick delivery, you have to go with UPS, USPS, or RPS.