Urban Fantasy Box Set: Alastair Stone Chronicles

If any of you are reading my spinoff series, Happenstance and Bron, Book 3, BY DEMONS DRIVEN, is now available.

This concludes the trilogy, so if you’re interested but not ready to dive into a 20-plus-book series yet, this might be a good place to start.

Book 23, HOMECOMING, is now available!

Book 24, MORTAL IMPERATIVE, is available!

Book 25, BALANCE OF POWER, is out!

Book 26, RITE OF PASSAGE, is available!

Book 27, WINDS OF CHANGE, is available!

I think it’s fantastic how you’re able to keep the series fresh. Not many authors can put out 20+ books in a series without getting monotonous.

Thanks again!

Thank you!

And I just realized, I haven’t updated this in two books! So…



Book 29, BLOOD TIES, are out!

If anybody’s still along for the ride after all this time, Book 30, VICIOUS CIRCLE, releases today!