Urban Hell

Has anyone visited a mall lately? How can anyone stand those places? At this time of year the food courts are a free for all hell to get in lines, the prices are up, the employees are all too busy to help you… This is the reason I don’t buy much shit from the mall.

Oh, just realized that this is my 600th post.

Congrats on number 600!

I feel your pain. Recently my wife has dragged me to three of these idiot graveyards. People wander around like zombies on crack. They want to get to every store just to stand around looking like morons. I hate crowed malls, for that matter I’m not big on shopping anyway. For some reason people shop as a form of stress relief, but I can’t imagine why.

I think whether you enjoy shopping depends on your method.

Some people (particularly women, it seems) appear to be quite happy to just meander around a shopping centre aimlessly, looking at this, feeling that, having a chat, and so on and on. I don’t suppose the other hoards of people bother them too much.

I, on the other hand, shop with a purpose: I know what I want, and I know where to find it. Shopping for me should be a quick manoeuvre, executed with military precision. But no - this doesn’t happen, because thousands of OTHER people dare to get in my way.

This is the main reason that I intend to take other the world - so that I can clear out the shops when I want to get something.

I hate the malls more this time of year than any other. I don’t like to shop aimlessly. I don’t care what’s the latest trend.

Everywhere I go I am forced to watch nothing short of child abuse. I feel sorry for the poor little kids who are tired and hungry and crying and still the idiot parents insist on continuing to drag them from store to store yelling at them or even swatting them. Maybe if they would take the time to pack a snack or a diversion and try to realize that the kid has to take 3 or 4 steps to their one, the child wouldn’t be acting out. It’s the parents who should be yelled and swatted at in these cases.

What I really hate is how the shoppers all are wandering around randomly, for hours all you see are more people looking for some other piece of material shit to buy. It’s constant, they will kill for another CD, another shirt. “Get out of my way”, “I was here first”, “I want, I want, I want…” they’re worse than little kids.

In my experience, shopping malls are more of a suburban thing than an urban one.

I’m working in a mall at the moment. I love the customers, because the more there are of them, and the more efficiently I serve them, especially if the manager’s watching, the more secure my job is, and the longer I’ll be able to take advantage of my employee discount!

That said, I didn’t enjoy working at the cinema, in the same mall, when I did work there. I agree that if you wanted a cup of ice, you wouldn’t ask for Coke, but that’s policy, and my neck is always being breathed down. The price on the board is accurate: it’s 4.27 with the tax. Me, rude? How am I rude for telling you a third time what you refuse to accept? No, it’s not false advertising! Wow, a tub of popcorn has as much cholesterol as six Big Macs? I never heard that before. Really. Take your Junior Mints and your halo and scram.

Currently, the only thing I mind are the people selling those toy helicopters that circle back to you. Me, be careful? You’re the one who slung that thing right into my path! I give that junk three more weeks before a lawsuit gets them banned from every mall.

I agree with you 100%. Whenever I really need to get my Christmas shopping done, I always leave the kids at home with their dad or get my mom to watch them for a couple of hours. My kids get bored way too quickly with the shopping schitck. Hell, I don’t like shopping myself, so why subject my kids to it. Okay, I know that some parents don’t have that kind of choice. If they want to get their Christmas shopping done, they have no choice but to drag their kids along. But these parents need to learn that you don’t have to do all of your shopping in one freaking day. It is very easy to go to only one or two stores, then go home and come back the next day and hit one or two more shops. Spread out your shopping over a period of days or weeks. Only subject your kids to short shopping trips, preferably under two hours. And for godsakes, watch your kids. I see way too many kids running around completely unsupervised while their moms are busy blabbing with their girlfriends and shopping clerks and so forth.