Urgent [temporary rehousing of pets]

It’s been a horrible couple of months. I’ve been laid off from my job, my landlord decided that my little house which sits next to his, would make a really nice home for his brother, so I am currently homeless, relying on the kindness of friends and family. That said, I don’t want anything for myself, I’m just worried about a commitment that I made to two very special dogs.

I have already found wonderful, loving homes for my cats. My 2 little doggies are living with my Friend for now, but she isn’t able to care for my beloved Catahoulas, Dexter and Wink. I made a promise to them when I rescued them that they would have me and be warm and loved as long as they lived. We’ve come to a bump in the road, but I still intend to fulfill the promise I made.

If some kind and loving doper could find it in their heart to offer temporary shelter to my loving babies, I would be incredibly grateful. Sorry for any typos, I’m crying like a baby.

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Where are you?

It seems odd you’d join this board just to try to rehome (temporarily or not) your pets. You don’t know us from Adam.

I currently have 6 dogs (and 3 horses and 3 cats) and Friday paid $3000 for bloat surgery for one of them. I can’t take any more animals right now. Good luck.


Where are you? I can refer you to a rescue for the dogs. You can sleep on the floor if you’re near me.

Have you checked back with the rescue they came from? Perhaps they can take the doggies temporarily til you get back on your feet. I’m sorry this is happening.

Are these dogs enslaved?

I’m guessing the OP is in the Chicago area and came here from the Chicago Reader.

Have you tried starting a thread asking for money?