I need a temporary home for my dog

I’ve mentioned my dog Chance on this board many times. Here is the first post about him (feel free to skip down to Part II - Chance, since the post is rather long).

It’s been a horrible couple of months. I’ve been laid off from my job, my landlord decided that my little stone house which sits next to his, would make a really nice garage, so I am currently homeless, relying on the kindness of friends and family. That said, I don’t want anything for myself, I’m just worried about a commitment that I made to a very special dog.

I have already found wonderful, loving homes for my ferret and my 5 birdies. My 2 little doggies are living with my Mom for now, but she isn’t able to care for my beloved Weimaraner, Chance, who is currently living in my minivan. I made a promise to him when I rescued him that he would have me and he would be warm and loved as long as he lived. We’ve come to a bump in the road, but I still intend to fulfill the promise I made.

If some kind and loving doper could find it in their heart to offer temporary shelter to my loving boy, I would be incredibly grateful. Sorry for any typos, I’m crying like a baby.


I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, it all sounds horribly unfair. If you can get the minivan all the way here, we’d be glad to foster Chance.

That is so sweet. How long would it take me to drive to Detroit? :wink: :frowning:

I’d offer the same, even though I’m in a house with two beaglea already.

Hers a bump for a very worthy cause.

Where do you live?

Can you contact your local animal shelter and see if someone is willing to foster him for you?

Or a Weimaraner rescue group. (Make sure they understand that you do not want to permanently surrender him.)

I’m so sorry I can’t help. I’m currently looking for a home for 2 kittens I rescued, too. :frowning:

Is there a local vet who’d be willing to board him, perhaps at a discount, given your situation, for which perhaps we could collectively scrounge up some money to help fund?


Thanks for the support guys. The Weim rescue and the vet boarding are good ideas. I’ll try both. I’ve just sneaked him into the house I’m staying at for the night. I hope he’s quiet.

The offer is available, haven’t you secretly always wanted to visit the glorious metropolis that is Detroit? :wink:

Where are you? How long would he need to be fostered?

Glorious and Metropolis are usually not associated with Detroit, per se, but with our fair Detroiters and their kind, giving natures and high murder rate…

See? We give murder! We’re nice folk!

According to a distance calculator I found somewhere on Google, it’s 475 miles from Albany to Detroit. If you keep it at 60, that’s about 8 hours driving time.

I am about an hour north of Albany. I would say a month would give me time to find a job and a place to live.

Wait- are YOU living in a van too? I understand wanting to find shelter for Chance, but you need to get some help as well. Can any of us help you out, point you in the direction of a shelter, anything like that?

Damn I wish I were still in NY with my huge yard. I’d take him in a minute and watch him until you got back on your feet. I second the suggestion of a rescue group to help you out.

Have you contacted these folks yet?

New York State Weimaraner Rescue
Halls Corner Road
Attica, NY 14011
(585) 591-8095