Urinary incontinence. Women only?

Every article I’ve read about incontenence states that millions of Americans, mostly women, suffer from the condition thjen go on to talk about it as if it is only women. Commercials on tv talk soley to women. I’ve never heard of a man being incontinent.
So, is urinary incontinence absent, or extremely rare, in men? If men do suffer, are there diapers for them?

many men with prostate woes can have incontinence type problems (or urgancy problems if you prefer).

However, the think the longer lenght of the male uriter makes actually peeing oneself a bit less common.

We women have a wee short uriter, so a good sneeze can make many women get stress incontinence.

Certainly does happen to men. WebMD seems to have a large section devoted to the subject. For male daipers, there seem to be plenty of options, such as this

I have a friend who’s had to wear diapers ever since he had his cancerous prostate gland removed.

That would be ureter.

yada, yada, yada - I never said I could spell.

You’re lucky I didn’t call it the “pee tube”. :smiley:

Women often have childbearing stresses that cause long term reduction in the ability to retain urine. The bigger problem in men is prostate enlargement making them unable to void it. So, then, they get reamed or have some other treatment, and for a while at least it’s the other way around - they can’t retain it either. For many, the ability to stop the flow eventually returns.

I always forget about WebMD.
I guess what I come across most often is the stress (physical) related variety of incontenence (SUI), which occurs mostly in women, and is mostly dribbles. You can’t always believe what you hear in commercials, can you? :wink:
Leg bags? Please, no.

And the ureters are actually the tubes going from kidneys to bladder. I’m not sure, but I suspect those are roughly the same length in men and women. It’s the urethra that is longer in males – the tube from the bladder to … uh … the outside world.

It seems as though women are more prone to stress incontinence- several women I have known peed themselves while laughing, for example.

I have seen, with my own eyes, women sitting in a group laughing and one of them will pee, spurring the others to even more laughing…and peeing.