URLs are live in heds

Just sayin’.

Thought it might prompt some chatter about vBull, which, unlike any other software structure I can think of, I imagine to be this big old usually-gentle elephant.

Which would make Jerry Jerry the Mahout, now that I think about it.

What are “heds”? The thread titles?

A brief test shows that links can be put in thread titles and work, but the URL tag does not work.

So is this a bug or a feature? I personally don’t care.

I would think the “two-click” rule wsould apply to thread titles as well, so pay attention when you link, please, as I’m sure you always do. And thank you.

I’m guessing that this is another “gift” from our friends at Viglink.

A spammers dream come true.

Seems to be. They don’t show up as links on my system.

If this is a problem for you, using a script blocker or adding viglink.com to your ad blocker will fix it.