US Capitol under siege

Perpetrated by the Coup Clutz Clan.

Supported by a Gravy Seal Team

With legal advice from the Keystone Kounsellors.

I though it was the Qoup Qlutz Qlan

Someone on Twitter identified Fire Extinguisher Man, by name, a man from Chicago who bore some resemblance.

Except it wasn’t him. But predictably, he (the wrong guy) has been instantly targeted for undeserved abuse from all quarters.

There are good reasons to be Very Careful when crowdsourcing investigations like this. If you think you recognize a person of interest, please don’t dash to your laptop and post his/her vitals on your favorite online happy hunting ground. Because (professionals know this) people are often wrong. Not you of course, but people.

Call the cops, or the FBI, and let them sort it out. Lives are so easily ruined.

Who exactly is Fire Extinguisher Man? I thought it had emerged that the guy wearing the CFD wool cap was somebody of interest, but not the guy throwing a fire extinguisher at cops in the video. Is there a clear photo of the thrower?

It appears to me the guy in the CFD hat threw the extinguisher. The shirts match, in any case. The thing is, the thrown extinguisher may not be the same incident that killed the officer.

197 have chosen. Either out of complicity or cowardice, same effect.

It is not, according to the account of his arrest.

Y’all Q-da?

Starting at just past the 6-minute mark William Brangham talks to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel about the the incredibly real and imminent dangers that that states’ legislators will be facing. Fucking shitty - quite the scary chat.

ETA - er I mean Nick Schifrin

Yeah, I saw that.

No need to repeat the guy’s name here but while scrolling through twitter, I saw that people were thinking that CFD stood for Chicago Fire Department, which it now evidently did not. I had wondered then whether or not this might turn into another case of internet posse run amok, and it did.

Okay, so what I’m getting here is, it’s not illegal for me to yell “fire” in a crowded theater?

Damn, just my luck to learn this in the middle of a pandemic, when all the theaters are closed!

Fuck that guy. I hope he gets the maximum sentence.

And you can yell “Movie!” in a Firehouse without consequences.

[Ducks and runs, yelling “Movie!”]

As we begin to see more video and hear from the police officers who were attacked, it is even more clear how awful this really was.

This video is just stunning to me. I’m so grateful for this guy. What a hero.

Best part is the last line which is effectively the opposite of “good people on both sides.” - “Fuck you for even being there.”

I am wondering if McConnell is hedging his impeachment verdict for this reason. He probably doesn’t want any part of another impeachment and wants to acquit and be done with it. But he also might realize that the forthcoming videos and testimony are going to be so awful that he might have no other choice.

Another thing, in the Controversial encounters between law-enforcement and civilians thread there are a lot of cops who say they shot a guy with a sandwich because they were in fear for their lives. There is now some great footage of cops who really should be fearful for their lives NOT spraying lead like deranged lunatics.