US Election 2008, does Obama represent the Nerds and the Republicans the bullies?

While on the bus coming to work today , as usual, i let my mind wander and ended up with this theory, that i’ll like to test in the GD forge.

It goes like this.

the republican seem to be like the old school bully:

[li]They fix on irrelevancies (Flag pins!) and mock their opponents,[/li][li]Do not favor and sometimes disfavor intellectual prowess[/li][li]Accuse their enemies of being “weenies”[/li][li]Favor using violence (Last recourse of the incompetent) to solve problems.[/li][li](possibly related with the previous point) are supported by the “military-industrial complex” (violence) and big oil (obsolete energy supply).[/li][/ul]

the democrats, and Obama in particular, look like the nerds:

[li]Respect for intellectual prowess[/li][li]web-savvy[/li][li]Usually considered “boring” for trying to influx some nuance into the political discourse.[/li][li]Supported (i think, unwarranted assumption #1) by the new motors of the american economy, Internet companies, computer manufacturers, etc)[/li][li] Hi Opal! (i know the “hi opal” item is only when you need to make 3 items in a list. but i have never before made a list on a SDMB post and i just needed to get it out of my system)[/li][/ul]

Also for some reason (unwarranted assumption #2 :), i think that the nerd vote will favor Obama by large margins, even if RM Stallman in his nerd jargon files says they tend to be libertarian in ideology (but then again if SDMB’s Liberal formerly Libertarian supports Obama…)

what do you think?

I admire your nonpartisan, fairminded analysis of the situation, that’s what I think.


Je, i never claimed to be nonpartisan, however, if i am wrong, why dont you tell me why?, a i said, its a theory that formed in my mind while looking at the busy Buenos Aires traffic this morning, unwarranted assumptions, logic not checked very thoroughly…

Depends on your perspective. Some might say that Republicans tend to be more practical, results oriented whereas Democrats are more Ivory Tower intellectuals who are not too savvy of how things work in the real world. You might look at how many Senators (or presidential nominees) for each party actually worked for a living before they went into politics vs how many have been professional politicians their entire adult lives.

Well but wouldnt that reinforce my theory?, a nerd is far closer to an “Ivory tower intellectual” than a bully.

However thinking it through i think “bully” is an slander, is there a word for “not a bully but not a nerd either”?, “normal” perhaps?


[quote=“Frodo, post:1, topic:471065”]

[li]They fix on irrelevancies (Flag pins!) and mock their opponents,[/li][/quote]

And Democrats don’t? Sarah Palin’s wardrobe, anyone?

[li]Do not favor and sometimes disfavor intellectual prowess[/li][/quote]

McCain is not stupid. Yes, sometimes they go after “elites,” but not always.

[li]Accuse their enemies of being “weenies”[/li][/quote]

Democrats accuse their opponents of being “meanies.”

[li]Favor using violence (Last recourse of the incompetent) to solve problems.[/li][/quote]

Democratic college professors have been caught stealing yard signs this year, fratboy antics of which they ought to be ashamed.

So are the Democrats.

the democrats, and Obama in particular, look like the nerds:

[li]Respect for intellectual prowess[/li][li]web-savvy[/li][/quote]

I’ll give you these for Obama, but not for the entire party; in the past, Republicans have been much earlier adopters of technology (see the religious right’s use of databases for targeted mailings in the eighties, for example).

[li]Usually considered “boring” for trying to influx some nuance into the political discourse.[/li][/quote]

The opposite charge is usually laid, inaccurately IMO, at Obama’s feet: he gets attacked much more for not having sufficient specifics.

[li]Supported (i think, unwarranted assumption #1) by the new motors of the american economy, Internet companies, computer manufacturers, etc)[/li][/quote]

Showing support of the Internet bubble isn’t necessarily a point in the Dems’ favor.

I’m just not at all sure that your comparison holds up.


[quote=“Frodo, post:1, topic:471065”]

[li]Do not favor and sometimes disfavor intellectual prowess[/li][/QUOTE]

Just thought I’d point out once again the Republicans have a higher percentage of diplomas, Bachelor Degrees and Masters degrees than Democrats. (It’s only Ph.Ds where Democrats have the majority) So this item appears to be personal bias maintained in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

Anyone of significant intellectual accomplishment is FAR more likely than not to be a Democrat.

Anyone who was a jock-hero in high school, but failed to achieve much in college because of their lack of respect for education, is FAR more likely than not to be a Republican.

I find the premise of the OP sound. There are exceptions, of course.

I have always thought that the Republicans represent the “cool kids” in high school. The good looking, athletic jock and cheerleader-types who join all the right activities and everyone wants to be like. Let’s say they represent a third of the class.

The Democrats represent all the nerds and outcasts who don’t like the status quo of the jockocracy. Unlike the jocks and socials, the nerds and outcasts are not a unified culture. They are a fragmented group of clicks and loners, each with different interests and agendas, only unified by the fact that they are excluded from the cool activities. Together, all these groups also represent a third of the class.

The middle third are all the independents, moderates and bipartisan folks. They aren’t cool enough to be Republicans but they don’t feel the disenchantment of the Democrats. They basically are the kids who go to school, hang out with their group of friends, maybe go and watch the football games.

For the most part, the middle third tends to vote for the Republican cool kids because that’s what they aspire to and can relate with. They aren’t interested in becoming a Goth kid or the weird Chinese exchange student. They like the football games and maybe even hang out with a couple of jocks they know from around the way, even if they aren’t totally part of the scene.

The only time the middle third will tend to vote for the Democrat nerds is when the Republican jocks act like such douchebags, they just want them gone.

How about “jock”? :slight_smile: And just to be clear, you should note that this is a general tendency, not meant to be all encompassing. There are plenty of liberal jocks and conservative intellectuals.

How about anyone who runs his own business? Most of the folks I know like that are Republicans, but my sample could be biased. Bush may have turned some of them off, but most still don’t consider themselves Democrats.

Point taken, I think republicans do it more than democrats, but i am biased.

Mcain it’s not stupid, republicans in general are not stupid, but their “base” is definitively anti intellectual.

who is more nerd?, the weenie or the meanie?.

Democrats steal yard signs, republican steal yard signs too.

I’ve seen reports of at least 2 plots to assesinate Obama, Mcain? 0.
Also i’ve seen reports of bear cubs killed, covered with Obama signs, hanging Obama in effigy (tough i think some wackos hanged Palin so we could say that even’s out)

All in all seems that violence is more likely to come from Republicans this year.

but no so much perhaps?, we’ll need more info on this.

yes, but, as you said “in the past” Republicans seemed to adopt new technology, i am talking about this years election and the last few years.

well, i have never understood this, there is a book written by Obama detailing what he wants to do, there is an entire website, besides, how much nuance do you need to beat “drill, baby, drill!”?

perhaps not, but i dindt say “the internet bubble” i mean Google, Apple, things like that, anyway i recognize that i am assuming that those business support the dems, its another of my unwarranted assumptions, ripe for the attack.

I think it still does, if somewhat more shakily.

Just make sure it’s Jock and not Jacque.


From what I’ve read, the best predictor of how a person will vote is church attendance. But I don’t know if the folks who measure these things look at things like “played sports in high school”. You can certainly look at certain professions and make some solid predictions. College professors, for example, are far more likely to vote Democrat than Republican.

I hope tonight we see a huge “Revenge of the Nerds” :).

I would say that people who were athletes in high school, studied practical disciplines like engineering, business, or finance in college and then pursued careers in law, banking, or business are more likely to be Republicans.

People who were artsy nerds in high school, studied some bullshit liberal arts major in college and then went on to work in a Starbucks or some other McJob until they could either go to law school or become a professor or something tend to be Democrats.
There’s no mystery to it. Republicans are conservative. They are happy with the status quo and tend to be people who find success within their institutions. Democrats tend to favor “change”. People who are happy and successful within the institutions they are a part of generally don’t want change.

Republicans tend to be more practical, almost simplisticly so. If you don’t want to be picked on in school, work out and get stronger. If you want to make money, work hard at your job. Work hard enough, maybe you can be the boss.

Democrats tend to be more idealistic. Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone shared? Yeah, well, why should I share my toys with you since you didn’t do anything to earn them?
Also, the thing about nerds is that even though they may be smart, they tend to suck. They can’t play sports. They tend to be awkward and offputting around people, especially women. They don’t throw fun parties. They’re useless in a fight. So who actually has to “do” any of the ideas they come up with?

That is true. I think more business owners are inclined to vote GOP.

But, aren’t bosses one step away from bullies? Propensity to order people around, bark orders, humiliate others so they feel better? Employees are scarcely more important than slaves, right? Why should they get a living wage and health insurance! They’re nobodies!


Anyway, this is more of a silly debate than a great debate.

Obviously we all know conservative intellectuals and liberal jocks.

But people called “nerds” are probably more likely to be Democans, and people called “bullies” are probably more likely to be Republicrats.

What I want is a president who unites the nerds and bullies.

Because Jesus said you should.

Also, because you don’t really have any logical backing to the notion that the other person didn’t earn toys, and besides …

YOU DIDN’T EARN THEM, EITHER. They were given to you.

Incidentally, msmith, would you truly prefer a world without art?