US House Elections 2012

The map here: definately favours the GOP.

I don’t think it was ever doubted that the GOP would retain control of the House.

I find it bewildering that the US constituencies are called ‘1st’ and ‘2nd’; give them actual names! It’s surely for more pleasant to be represented by the Rep for California South or LA than a number.

If they were named, then they would have to represent some kind of geographically coherent area. When a district winds through slivers of 20 counties and 4 media markets, there’s not really a good name for it.

You mean it would restrict gerrymandering? :wink:

I think the conventional wisdom is wrong. Romney is going to be a drag on the Republican ticket. John Boehner: hand that gavel back to Nancy Pelosi.

Weren’t you the one predicting a Kerry landslide in 2004?


Were not for the theft of Ohio, I’d have had the winner right.

So much for that “reality has a liberal bias” garbage.


The Democrats should make minor gains, the Republicans are controlling a lot of seats they normally shouldn’t. but winning back the House, that’s a tall order.

And the prediction that Romney will drag down the ticket, do you know something we don’t? Because the President has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him and only succeeded in reducing his own favorability rating to 36%.