US Midterm Election watch along thread

I read something about Trump that may explain why he pushed Walker so hard. He wants people who look the part. That is more important to him than qualifications. That also would explain his SOS choice. Think about it. If all you care about is appearance than a lot of Trump’s choices make more sense.

I guess that’s why Chris Christie never got a Cabinet position.

Or maybe as he put away favorite SIL’s crooked father?

Seems much more likely.

This is 100% true.

And it didn’t stop Christie from licking the bottoms of Trump’s shoes.

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Someone tell Donald the long tie trick does not work.

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It’s not just appearance; it’s celebrity that Trump admires most. He chooses in-teresting people and if Bug Bunny is any authority, monsters are the most in-teresting people.

Is there anything left to discuss in a “midterm election watch along” thread? The races are all decided.

Probably not, but someone might still might have something I guess.

I love that Bugs memory

I thought there was a House race or even two not finalized?

It looks like there is still one: CO-3, the seat currently held by Lauren Boebert. With 99% of the votes counted, she has a lead of less than 600 votes over Democrat Adam Frisch.

Here is an interesting article by Pew Research looking at the midterm results. Wisconsin (Ron Johnson) was the only state where Senate race results deviated from the 2020 Presidential race results.

Kari Lake, to no one’s surprise, doesn’t think so.

That’s just a formality until the legally mandated recount is finished. Frisch has already conceded. I realize that a concession isn’t legally binding but a change of over 600 votes in the recount is virtually impossible.

Are you saying you need a Bambleweeny 57 Submeson Brain?

Wasn’t she just recently smacked down and sanctioned legally over these cuckoo for cocoa puffs lawsuits?
“The suit on Friday asks for an order declaring that Lake is the winner of the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, or alternatively throwing out the results and requiring the state’s Maricopa county to conduct a new election.”

Yep - Judge orders sanctions against attorneys representing Fincham, Lake

Story is from 12/2.

Looks like she lined up a new punch of suckers to put their reputations at risk. This is likely going to be tossed out of court before Christmas.