Best viewing of election results without a TV.

I am anxiously waiting the results of the mid term elections. I have no TV, but I have internet. Would appreciate up to the minute results and projections.

Any suggestions on where to look?

All the big news sites (like CNN and the networks) should have results.

Also Politico:

But a local TV, newspaper site will also have local results (your state legislature…)

Anyone remember who was the first to call that Trump would win?

In 2016, Google was updating election tallies every 30 seconds on Election Night. Not sure they’ll do it again, or what the search words to refresh were or would be.

I’m in the same boat. I only use my TV for streaming and DVDs.

During the special elections of 2017, the new york times had a good website layout and constant updates about election results. I’ll probably use them again this year.

There’s got to be something on YouTube. I seem to recall using that last time.

If it’s okay with the OP, can we make this thread our official “Watching Party” thread?

I second Wesley Clark. WAPO/NYT’s websites are pretty competent with their election reporting, especially with their visualizations.

Perhaps a C-SPAN stream would work well for this.

Or, if you’re willing to go old-school, turn on the radio and find your local public radio station.

538 also has a nice livecast as races are getting called.

I’ll second this one. Their liveblogs are consistently excellent and informative. Ditto for Nate Cohn on the NYT’s Upshot.

Do you have a radio? NPR will have election coverage.

Super-duper. Great idea.

Then I won’t be watching alone.

New York Times will have “the needle” showing an aggregate view of how the fight for the House is looking:

That will be my primary site. They also have had good race-by-race results in recent elections.

538 does decent blogging. If you want commentary with your data, I’d go there. I have non-election-watching plans for tonight, so I’ll just be checking the NYT periodically.

Thanks all!

I am locked and loaded!

YouTube gives you the network feeds, btw. Watching NBC right now, in fact.

The Predicit page on the election is also a good way of checking the big picture and in particular the red/blue arrows are a good indicator of what happened relative to expectations.

That should be red/green arrows and they are actually less useful now since it appears they are reset at midnight (Eastern Time) but it’s still a good page for a quick overview.