looking for Online "Television" Coverage on Election Night

I do not have cable or satellite. I would like to “watch” election result returns in real time [Rather, on the same pace that TV gets them in.] I do not want to wade through Twitter submissions, or skim article after article. -or worse

I am looking for free online coverage of results. I would prefer an established TV network’s coverage, and I would prefer further the actual TV feed, complete with audio.

What are my options? CNN seems to be hitting it hard already and the mechanics they are employing are closer to what I am looking for than not. Other established 24 hour new networks would be next best choice (Well, one of the two is right out, if you catch my drift.) ABC and CBS would be third tier.

Bloomberg has a TV feed of it’s channel. Will they cover the election? PBS seems to care less about results. I would consider NPR and BBC*

Are there sites that aggregate? Are there other online solutions that are strictly better than TV**?

  • Yes, I know that the British Broadcasting Corporation is obviously British, but if they do cover the returns, in any form, I would enjoy their perspective.

**Again, I am frankly looking for an option where I don’t have to “work” to understand the results. Out of context I know this sounds like I’m mindless, but I think the pace of events will require a simplified and easy to swallow formatting.

I would be interested in knowing this as well. I have no way of actually watching this sort of thing on TV, and I hate finding out after the fact.

C-span will have coverage and they broadcast their feed online.

You can watch the districts turn colors on this page as results come in.

BBC video coverage will be on this page from 19:00 EDT - it’s just a live blog type thing at the moment.

Drudge offering the following headline based on exit polling:

IL 49-43 Kirk [R]… KY 55-44 Paul [R]… NV TIED…

Arkansas: Boozman ® over Lincoln (D)
Ohio: Portman ® over Fisher (D)
North Dakota: Hoeven ® over Potter (D)
Wisconsin: Johnson ® over Feingold (D)

CNN is offering this right now :


I would assume it is a live shot of the Capitol

Demint wins but Greene is getting nearly 26 percent. I was thinking single digits on this one.


I would’t bother with this ^^^^^^^^ if you want up to date stuff, and frankly it’s not the A team election coverage people.

I wound up with this

And its VERY good, considering its BBC, and that NBC or CNN have next to nothing.

BBC is doing Tit for Tat, and has a studio in DC. Great coverage at my link, IMHO.


This may be the best option right now.

That’s the same link! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not too bad, but am used to better for local elections or US Presidential. Must admit, I love Emily on the big touch screen thing. At least there’s a bit of background and sensible comment. I can hardly get any US feed to load, or frankly bear to watch the ones I can.

The Guardian are doing a live bloggy/comment thing here:

It’s not particularly respectful of anybody.

I second this.