US Military has plans for dealing with an attempted armed rebellion by the Girl Scouts?

Ravening hordes of Cookie-Mongering Moppets. Not what I think of when I hear the term “civil uprising”.

Yet, according to a remark on TV Tropes, there may be one.

Granted, it might be filed in the same drawer as the “Zombie Apocalypse Defense Plans”, but still…

…are there such plans?:dubious: An assertion with no cite.

It’s an old assertion and I can find no evidence that it’s true except from posts on message boards where people say it is. It’s an interesting thought experiment, where a group in the US starts causing trouble and pretty much anything you do to fight it ends up being a public relations disaster. I can imagine some West Pointer may have written a paper on it once.

There were some interesting plans for fighting with unexpected enemies.

Cecil talks about war with Canada/UK between WWI-WWII.

All the plans

I don’t think that we should let the Girl Scouts rest easy. If you’ve played Psychonauts you know they’re evil. And all they’d have to do is poison the nation’s Thin Mints supply.

I could just see someone studying a hypothetical where some benign civil organization is used as a front for training paramilitary revolutionaries; but I’d be more worried about the Lions Club than the Girl Scouts.

That is the longest column I have read. I thought Cecil’s column had a word limit (he occasionally mentions the limit).

Release the adorable kittens!

That column wasn’t written by Cecil, but by SDSAB member bibliophage. I don’t think there is any word limit on the online columns, just the print ones.

Yeah, but the Girl Scouts are 70 years younger and more spry. Although just think, if the Lions and Elks and Eagles joined together, that would be one scary chimera.

Oops! Normally I note that. :smack: