US OPEN thread

Anyone interested in an ongoing discussion of this weekend’s festivities? (Wasn’t too much interest in my previous “Will Tiger do it?” thread.)

Predictions for a winner/winning score?

What do you think about holding it at Torrey Pines? Personally, I don’t think they should hold the Open at a course that the pros already play every year. I know they’ll tweak the rough and push the tees back, and conditions will be different in June than they are in Jan/Feb, but the guys still know every inch of these greens.

Moreover, TP is a NIGHTMARE for huge crowds. I’m waiting to hear of someone toppling into a canyon trying to follow Tiger/Mick/Scott.

The one fun thing is the proposals to switch up at least 3 holes throughout the weekend.

Here’s my bold prediction - whoever is leading at the end of today, is not going to win it! :smiley:

I love the way they have set up the pairings. It will make for great viewing on TV and on the course Friday and Saturday (not that I will get to watch much). I also like that it is set to be in Prime Time on the East Coast over the weekend.

Have a bet on Mike Weir - a second place last time out, finished top twenty in 6 of his last 9 US Opens and finished 5th the only previous time he played this course.

I like the setting at Torrey Pines. It’s nice to have the Open at a scenic course. I loved the 2000 Open at Pebble Beach.

Sergio Garcia is going to win this year. Guaranteed. Why? Because I was in Vegas last week and wanted to put $100 on Garcia to win. This would have yielded a $2,200 profit if he won…and if I remembered to put in the bet prior to leaving. But I forgot. So he’ll win.

Tiger double-bogeyed the first hole. I’d say his preparations were not QUITE complete. :smiley:

He’s done for, do you hear me? Might as well just pack his bags already. Have I ever been wrong before?

Who do I like? Well, it’s hard to be surprised with a leaderboard starting off with Justin Hicks and Patrick Sheehan. I can only IMAGINE the throngs following those two titans!

Nobody sinks par saving putts like Tiger.

Related question: I know people have won majors leading from start to finish, but has anyone ever won from being first day leader, and then dropping back until the last day?

Streelman’s a local boy - went to HS one town over from me.
It has been fun to follow his progress in this - his first year in the Bigs.

You guys are really into this, huh? :smiley:

I’d like to see someone go way low today, just to drop the cut line.

Oh come on now. It’s the Open. The lowest someone is going to go today will be 67.

Well yeah, but the cut allows in everyone within 10 strokes.
If the 2d round leader stays at -3, then everyone up to +7 is in - right now some 110 players.
But if one of the guys who is 1, 2, 3 under goes down to -5 or -6, it drops the number of weekend warriors to 72 or 55 respectively.

Right, but I’m saying that nobody’s going to go out there.

And, as I guess could have been predicted - the guys currently at or around the cut line are probably more likely than not going to shoot over par, and remove themselves.

Right now DJ Trahan is in the house at -1, so we know someone has to finish +9 or better to stick around for the weekend.

What I think is even more likely is the entire field removing themselves. There’ll be the lone 67, but that’ll be by the guy that’s already 10 over.

Who’s this “Woods” character who played himself into the hunt today?

Tiger only shot 30 on the back 9 today. He is not so rusty.

Not impressed. Neil Lancaster shot 29 not once, but twice in the US Open. Hell, even Vijay Singh has done it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the wayward drive at 1, which was going to result in a second straight blow up on that hole gave him the needed kick in the pants. Tiger when he’s focused is not someone you want to see on the golf course if you are a competitor, and that’s who was playing holes 2 - 9. :eek:

Tiger’s back (front) nine was exciting enough to make me tolerate Jimmy Roberts.

Jimmy Roberts, for Christ’s sake!!!