US outdrinks France in wine

On a total basis, not per person. I did not know the numbers were close.

I couldn’t see any per-capita numbers, but I wonder who drinks the most vino in the world on average?

I would guess that both Italy and Spain give France a serious run for their Euro, and I wonder how places like Chile, Croatia or New Zealand stack up overall.

Per capita by country #1 is a surprise

Given that France has something like a fifth of the US population, the fact that we’re pretty close to equal in consumption is kinda crazy.

I don’t know. Considering the business they’re in, they probably use a lot of Christ Blood Substitute™. (They ran out of the real stuff a long time ago.)


Wow, the Swiss, Danes and Austrians all drink more wine per-capita than the Spanish.

I was under the impression that all three were solidly in the beer belt, at least that was my impression from the places I was spending time in, but then there’s always confirmation bias and all that… (I don’t drink wine too often, so I would always seek out the local biergartens to spend my leisure time in when in Vienna or Bern)

The priest has to drink all the wine left at the end of mass so that helps push up the numbers for Vatican city. (It also has created alcoholic priests. )

Band name.

I try to do my part.

U S A! U S A! U S A!

Some of those numbers are kind of odd. I was shocked that Israelis only drink 1 liter of wine. When I did a Google search, I found a few articles which gave figures closer to 6 - 8 liters in 2006, still lower than I had thought but a lot closer to US consumption.

Me too! Me too!