US Presidential Elections - Earliest Concessions?

What was the earliest concession in US history? It looks like McCain is going to be doing it about 10:20PM (CST). That’s 15 hours after the polls opened in Mississippi, and 3 hours after the polls closed.

It just seems so quick…but maybe I just remember the excruciating 2000 and 2004 elections too well.


I don’t know the exact times, but IIRC, in 1980, Jimmy Carter conceded shortly after the polls had closed on the east coast - a couple of hours before the polls had closed on the west coast.

I remember that one well. I stayed outside, in 20 mph winds, 35 degree temp, waiting in a line so I could vote for Reagan. I voted at 7 pm, and went home. Carter had conceded at 6:30.