Us & the Night & the Music—Come Dancing, New Yorkers

I have been . . . well, in rather poor health, the past month or so and not up to going out at all. But I HOPE to be better enough by late June to attend some of Lincoln Center’s outdoor Midsummer Night Swing dances, on the plaza. And I do hope some Dopers will come join me?

Here is the schedule: Midsummer Night Swing

I will be unavailable, dammit, from July 4–13, when some of the best dances are scheduled. But I am particularly looking forward to:

• The Sultans of Swing (Weds. June 26)
• Mambo! (Tues. July 2)
• Tango (Tues. July 16)
• Swing & jazz (Weds. July 17)
• Disco!!! (Tues., July 23)
• More swing & jazz (Weds., July 24, and Sat., July 27)

I’ll bump this back up from time to time, but I hope some of you will polish up your rug-cutting shoes . . .

Wow. I can’t dance swing for the life of me, but I’d love to humiliate myself by trying!

Keep bumping this, Eve. I also cannot dance a lick, but I love swing music, I love New York in late spring/early summer, and I’d love to meet you.