US voters: Are you afraid of the other side, and to what extent?

I’m sort of the same way. I’ve inherited a number of guns. I used to target or skeet shoot a lot. Now I do live remote, and we do get bears roaming around, so that’s one reason to keep them. But now I’m seeing another reason.

Jesus, these assholes just tried to overthrow the government. Who knows what else they might do.

Individually, I’m not worried about MAGA folks at all. A person with any fighting experience, in decent physical condition, could drop most of them like a sack of potatoes. Mostly they are inexperienced and unconditioned and undisciplined. Some of them are ex-military, but a lot of those are rear-echeleon weenies with big ideas, barely useful even in a military formation.

But like any other flavor of bully and coward, they can get dangerous if they can gain some courage from superior numbers.

Even so - the thing to remember here is that they are not a revolution, they are a counter-revolution. They are not proletariat, they are petit-bourgeois. Point being - their violence isn’t an act of desperation, isn’t trying to gain anything. They are engaged in loss avoidance, and the thing they’re preserving is political supremacy, and being caught up in violence poses a risk of losing the thing they’re trying to protect.

Their violence is optional, designed to puff themselves up to look larger than they are. It’s not an act of desperation or survival, it’s a power flex. They’re terrified of being doxed, as they have much to lose. A house. A truck. Maybe a job, maybe a small business, maybe their credit rating or clean criminal record. So I don’t feel super unsafe while there are cameras and witnesses around.

They are terrified of playing on a level field where neither side has a birthright advantage. Where people are voted in, judged on or awarded for their merits alone. They know they haven’t earned the privilages they enjoy.

I am extremely concerned, maybe not actually scared yet, that more and more conservative leaders are openly questioning whether democracy is the best system for our country.

American caesarism is a growing force. The rationale is that conservatism can not defeat the irresistible lures of progressivism at the ballot box, progressivism leads to the destruction of the country and only a great man can seize power and restore the nation to moral Judeo-Christian values.

On second thought, that does scare the living fuck out of me.

Right, so when they get charged with felonies, they lose that. That’s one reason many of them are paper tigers. They don’t want to get too far ahead of existing permission structures.

The real thing to fear is when they get a critical mass too large for the police to manage, and the extremist-infested police departments start arguing in favor of deputizing them to “control” them.

When they start operating as paramilitary gangs under the color of law, that’s when you really need to start worrying. But until that time, most of them won’t want to do stuff that will end up on their permanent record.

Oh, Trump will just pardon them. We saw how well that worked out on January 6th.

The mistake that the knuckleheads and armchair tough guys are making is that they think only righties own guns. I’m a liberal, I own guns, and I have military combat training. You behave yourselves and I’ll behave myself.

I’d have some degree of sympathy for that position, if the “Great Man” they’d glommed onto wasn’t Donald Fucking Trump.

Julius Caesar he ain’t. He ain’t even Nero.

Well, I don’t. One of this country’s founding principles is freedom of religion.

I don’t care how stupid these Trump supporters are. I really don’t. They have had years and years (decades even) to see what an utter fool Trump is.

But no. They latch on to Qannon. The most ridiculous bullshit on the internet.

We’ve tried to reason with them. We’ve tried to educate them. Doesn’t work.

No sympathy from me.


A horse would have been the shining star of Trump’s cabinet. By far the most competent.