US vs Mexico soccer friendly

Going into today, the US has played vs. Mexico, in Mexico, 24 times over the past 75 years, and has amassed an impressive and consistent record of 23 losses and one draw.

Today’s result:

USA 1, Mexico 0.

Mexico dominated possession and had far more shots on goal, but Howard made two amazing saves, and the US put together one beautiful assist-assist-score goal involving a very alert (or lucky?) backheel in the penalty area.


That’s gotta sting for the Mexicans. I would have preferred it happen during qualifying but I’ll take it! :slight_smile:

We looked good on defense, but the game showed how weak our second and third string offensive midfielders are against a good side. Donovan had to drop into the midfield just to get a touch on the ball.

I wouldn’t say it was a “lucky” win, because the defensive play was so strong (until Mexico put in a second striker, anyway) that a 0-0 draw would have been a fair result.

The announcers seem to feel that this may have been Jose Torres last chance and I hope they’re right. On the other hand, I hope they’re wrong in thinking Klinsmann is going to keep calling DaMarcus Beasley up until he has 100 caps. Sadly, his best days a way behind him. Wait. Is that really “the other hand?” I really don’t want either of those guys suiting up for the national team again.

Didn’t get to see the game tonight, but Torres has looked good when playing with Dempsey and Bradley (or one of those two and Jones). I’m not sure I’m ready to throw him under the bus. Maybe after I watch the tape.

Still, historic win, great night, FB is blowing up with my Outlaw friends going nuts. I know a couple of the handful of Americans who made the trip this week. They’ve got to be just on top of the world. :cool:

Pity it was only a friendly. But we’ll get that Gold Cup one of these days!

Was this one of those scrimmages where one of the home team coaches acts as referee? Several calls where a Mexican player ran directly into a stationary U.S. player (usually who was looking the other way), bounced back like they’d been shot, and got the free kick, while Mexican defenders were continually body-checking U.S. players with no attempt at the ball and getting away with it. Somewhere in the early second half the U.S. finally got a call – the U.S. player that was fouled just happened to be named ‘Gomez’. Evidently a U.S. player with a Mexican name was very confusing to the poor coach acting as referee.

Overall seemed like a disjointed game (naturally enough, as the subsitutions seemed more like ‘evaluate players’ than ‘go all out to win’); Mexico generally dominated technically, but once in a while (around the 60th minute I think, for example), the U.S. put together a long possession with good tactical passing and control. U.S. backline was solid all night, though; no mistakes in the box at all (and a couple misses by Mexican forwards).

A bit against the run of play, but the goal was a nice move (nutmeg! I think) to get into the box for the first pass and a sweet, sweet backheel pass inside the goal area.

And finally, is it too late to complain about the U.S. uniforms? Ouch, my poor eyes.

I understand the US response to Mexico scheduling every game with us in Estadio Azteca, where we’d never won before now, was to find the least-Latino-friendly city it could for games here. Mexico still has never beaten the US in my old hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Ideally playing the game in January too.

Or running for their lives. I heard that the US fans needed the Mexican police to escort them out. I don’t know that I would be brave enough to go there for that game. If it had been a WC qualifier and they had lost to get knocked out of the WC, I am sure there would have been rioting.

The US has won it 4 times, including the very first one in '91.

The hoops are the best uniforms we’ve ever had. Very appropriate & pretty unique. I vote we make them our permanent first choice.

Here is a SportsGuy article about his trip to see US vs Mexico at Azteca Stadium a few years ago. There is a link to the full article.

Regarding the US uniforms, not only for soccer but for all sports, I just wish the US would decide on a color palate. Preferably including some of the colors in our flag. I watch international soccer and track and field. It usually takes me under 3 seconds to identify most of the top flight countries. Meanwhile, the US changes colors so often that it is not even funny. Let’s be blue, no red, maybe white with blue piping. How about a kind of blue, but not the one in the flag? Jeez, it’s not hard. Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, etc. are so easy to figure out. The US? They could be any color in the palate.
End rant.

They make more money selling jerseys by changing them all the time. Every time they change them, the fanboys have to go out and buy another one. They don’t want to change them too often, otherwise they are going to piss people off, but changing every few years is undoubtedly going to make them more money in jersey sales.

From mcgato’s link:

I’m not a huge sports fan, but I understand rooting for the home team. I’m in Boston; I’m used to it.

But urine bags? There is something badly fucked up about this.

I find myself wondering: Do you prep these at home before you go to the stadium, or do you just drink a lot of cerveza and bring a bag to the game?