USA Dopers: The World Cup Is Here! How Do You Feel?

I’m stoked! I get excited about soccer every four years (and I hope to stay excited about it this time, after the Cup is done). AND, it looks like our boys might, just might, have their shit together.

So how about you, fellow Doper? Are you one of those Americans who regards soccer as the Kardashians of sports? Is it a plot to force globalization onto the sports fans of the Fruited Plain? Take it or leave it?

Poll to follow.

Eh. I’m not much into pro sports, though I appreciate the worldwide love for this particular game.

I’m really more interested in whether the stadium will fall down.

I am very excited!! Though I dread the seemingly on cue loudmouth traditional American sports fans who want to take time out of their day to proclaim that soccer sucks and is for girls and all the rest. Also, while I’m glad that new people take an interest in the sport, I’d like them to stay interested - it almost seems like they follow the World Cup (esp liberal intellectual types - of which I am one, so I’m not totally throwing stones ;)) because they feel they “have to”.

Stoked, this is my first WC since I started following the European leagues so I’m a lot more familiar with the players this time around.

I’m less excited then the last couple. I spend a lot of time working with international contractors, and for the last two my team had Brazilians, Germans, Dutch, and English rabid fans. After several lead up months of shit talking and crazy bets, it was impossible not to get caught up in the excitement.

This time though at work I’m surrounded by Americans, Indians, Pakistanis, and Taiwanese, and I don’t think I’ve heard one word about it at all.

None of the poll statements capture how I feel. I’m mildly interested in all of the games, not just the US games. I’ll certainly watch the finals. But I’m not wildly excited, and soccer will never be more than my fourth favorite sport (after baseball, American football, and curling).

I’m about to finish my Masters thesis, and have the next four weeks off of school, work, and fatherhood. Fuck yes, I’m beyond excited to fall into a pit of beer and world-class footy.

AND my Timbers are finally starting to play like they want to win matches.

It’s a good time to be a football fan, a good time to be an MLS fan, and always, always a good time to be Timbers Army.

“World Cup”—that’s Quidditch, right?

One vote for extreme indifference. No hate for the fans who are excited, however. Enjoy!

You need a poll option for “The… what? Is… where? Uh… I feel just fine thanks.”


Yeah, pretty much me, too. Two cheers for Team USA.

Massively excited, I’ve been anticipating this since Euro 2012 ended. I work in K-12 and we’re about to let out for the summer, so I’m hoping to watch nearly every match live.

Yeah, same here. I’ll watch some of it, and I’d like to see the U.S. do well, but I’m realistic about our chances to even get out of the group stage, and the all flopping really bothers me. I would like to see the U.S. beat Ghana, after losing to them in the last two World Cups. If they can do that, it’ll be something positive to take from the tournament.

Woohoo, curling represent!

I don’t spare much time for club soccer these days but I ALWAYS make time for the World Cup. One of the drawbacks to having a job is that I can’t stay home and watch the tournament live. But with DVR and weekends I’ll watch as much as I can.

I’m going to get all excited remembering how much I’ve enjoyed watching some individual matches with Brasilian friends. Then some match will be completely ruined for me by a terrible officials call or decided by a penalty kick which should never have been awarded and I’ll stop watching soccer completely for a few months until I forget how annoyed I was.

What? That already happened in the first match? See you in a couple months.

Don’t really care about the games, but I really hate the fans who take up all the space at the bar and don’t buy anything.

I love everything about the World Cup – the way the teams express their nation’s character, the drama, the tension, the arguments about dodgy officiating – it’s all tremendously fun. I’ve instructed my friends, family, and coworkers to expect little from me for the next month.

Also: there’s no reason for Americans to not cheer for Team USA. The lads have earned our support.

Meh. It’s something to watch until the NFL training camps get rolling. Hope our team does well, hope nobody blows anything up down there.

I think it’s adorable that the rest of the world has a “sport” their “athletes” can “compete” in.