USAF Casualties in the Balkans

How many United States Air Force aircraft, and what part of their crews, were lost during operations in the Balkans (the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc.) from 1990 onwards? Specifically, how many aircraft were shot down? I can remember only one F117 and an F16 or F15 piloted by Scott O’Grady. I also recall an Apache helicopter, but seem to remember it having been lost due to mechanical malfunction.

Do you need “only” USAF aircraft? Apaches and their pilots are United States Army.

Army lost 2 appaches in training exercises in Albania.

USAF lost 2 planes in Kosovo, the F117 and and f16. OGrady’s f16 was the only US plane down in Bosnia though the British lost a Harrier there as well.

Something like 15 UAVs got shot down in Kosovo.

Marines lost one Harrier in the adriatic on a training mission.

I seem to recall another F-16 besides O’Grady’s being lost - some kind of engine problem over Kosovo.

I think that brings the total to two F-16’s, one Harrier for the Marines and one for the RAF, an F-117, and a couple of Apaches due to mechanical problems in Macedonia. Most of those losses would’ve happened anyway, whether they were in a combat zone or not. As for losses due to hostile action, one F-16, one F-117, maybe that British Harrier (don’t know the details on that one), and a colletion of UAV’s.

There’s an awful lot of misinformation available on this question.

Anti-NATO sites (the giveaway being the label “NATO aggression”) list the following:
[ul][li]4 German F-4 Phantoms[/li][li]5-6 US F-16 Falcons[/li][li]1 US F-15E Strike Eagle[/li][li]2 US F/A-18 Hornets[/li][li]2 German Tornados[/li][li]2 British Harriers[/li][li]2-3 US F-117 Nighthawks[/li][li]1-2 US A-10 Thunderbolts[/li][li]1 US HH-60G Blackhawk[/li][li]1-2 US CH-53 helicopters[/ul][/li]Pro-NATO figures are quoted as:
[ul][li]1 US F-16 Falcon[/li][li]1 US AV-8B Harrier[/li][li]1 US F-117 Nighthawk[/li][li]2 US AH-64 Apaches[/ul][/li]Sites used:

IIRC the RAF Harrier was shot down by a missile while flying over a village that was under Serb attack. I think he was being guided towards his target as he was being shot down.

Much thanks for the info. I’m arguing with a friend who claimed more than ten aircraft lost to hostile fire, among them Ron Brown’s plane. He also claimed intentional bombing of the Chinese Embassy for ‘intelligence reasons.’ Yeah, it COULDN’T have been bad maps… the CIA must always, always have some sort of evil intention.