USB driver problem

Anyone know why my USB drivers wouldn’t be working after i installed Win2K? Anyonw know how to cure this ailment? Thanks.

Hardware drivers may need 2000 specific versions. Win 98 versions (if that is what you had) may not operate correctly in 2000 as way the OS handles USB is different. Check USB hardware manuf websites to see if there are Win 2000 OS specific versions of these drivers.

I have the right drivers for my digital camera on CD, but it doesnt detect that the thing is plugged in.

I don’t want to run a artition of 98 just for my digital camera.

Not that familar with WIN 2000 hardware/OS setup parameters but might help to check that the USB IRQs are not being conflicted with by other hardware. Check your BIOS setup and make sure the USB options for both boot USB options (if it exists) and the USB hardware assigments are in “on” mode.

      • *astro has got it; you need Win2000-specific drivers. - MC

I have the 2000 drivers, but it wont detect my camera. I may just not be understanding what you are saying though.

      • If you’re using a hub, first try disconnecting it and plugging the camera directly into the PC. If the camera is found that way, then plug the port back in, and try the camera on port #1 of the hub (they should be lettered or numbered). - MC
      • Doh! - I meant to say, if the camera is found when it’s plugged directly into the PC, plug the HUB back in, and try the camera on port #1 of the hub. - MC

W2000 is an office version with few drivers for things people use at home. Whistler, coming up soon, is w2000 with drivers for things people use at home. Im with the person who said you need specific drivers but you may not find them.

Thanks for the replies. When i plug my camera into my friends computer which is also running 2K, the new hardware wizard comes up, but it never comes up for me. It doesnt even detect it when i run the wizard.

Maybe i’ll just do a dual boot. As much as i hate to do it.

Another option:

Purchase a USB card reader, either Compact Flash or Smartmedia, and use that. I’m currently using a SanDisk USB Compact Flash card reader on W2K and it works fine. There are card readers that read both CF and Smart Media too.

Yeah, I know the camera has USB but it won’t work. So buy the card reader and don’t worry about having to run Win’98 as well as 2K.

It also frees you from having to tie the camera to the PC for downloads.

a)is the camera plugged in directly to the pc (not to a hub?)

b) try both USB ports in back?

c) any other usb devices plugged in? if so, do they work?

Oh, hey what camera is it? They sure make a lot of them! You know, that way I could put in the name of the camera, add W2000 & slip it all into a search engine & have an answer for ya.

Its a Canon Powershot s100 digital elph.

And the usb ports are in the tower.

Try this set.

USB TWAIN driver for EOS D30 and PowerShot Pro90 IS, G1, S100, S20, S10. Card support only for PowerShot Pro70, A50, A5 Zoom, A5, 350, and 600/600N. Compatible with Windows 98/98SE/2000/ME. (2.8 MB)

These are updated as of 1/18/01 which is probably more recent than the driver set on your CD. Before installing remove every trace of the old driver set by un-installing the current Canon USB drivers and anything relating to the Canon driver set or other programs that may have come on the Canon driver CD.

Re-boot then try installing the latest set.

I have tied that to no avail. The problem is not the drivers for the camera, it is that the usb ports is not detecting my camera when i plaug it in.

Do other USB devices work fine on your win 2000 system?

You have a hardware problem. You have checked your camera on another computer (and I assumed you used the same cable), so you’ve accomplished the first step. Step two is to see if other USB peripherals work on your PC. If so, hook up your camera in the same manner to preclude a bad USB hub port, etc. If other USB devices are not seen, you have a problem with the controller. Check the BIOS to make sure that USB is enabled on the motherboard. Check Win2k to see if the drivers for the USB root are installed. Worst case is that a clean re-install of the OS is required.

Device Manager… make sure you have Universal Serial Bus controllers listed… open it. Check out the Chipset, compair it to problematic ones here, or write me, and look for patches where available. Have your W2K disk handy… Highlight “Root Hub”, click remove. Highlight your “universal serial bus controller chipset” listed, click remove. You will now have no listing for USB in device manager. Click refresh, USB will be reloaded.

The only time this happened to me I didn’t read the instructions on the camera. It said specifically to install the drivers before ever attaching the camera. Sometimes its the other way around.