Help, digital camera driver is driving me insane!

I have a Trust 750 LCD Powerc@m Zoom digital camera. I had it working with my PC fine for about 2 weeks. A few days ago the PC stopped recognising the camera, and I haven’t been able to get it working since! I’m running Windows 2000 professional, service pack 4.

I’ve gone to the device driver display, and uninstalled the driver. Then I’ve tried to re-install the driver from the CD provided. All seems to work OK. When I plug the camera into the usb port, the red light comes on on the camera, and it beeps, so I think the power from the usb port is OK. But when I try to acquire photos from the camera I get a message saying that the camera is not connected.

I’ve checked the manual, but it doesn’t say anything about this particular problem. I will call the helpline, but it doesn’t open until Monday morning. Anyone got any ideas what the problem could be? Any help appreciated.

Heh. I got this image of a guy who, instead of a head, had a DV camera on top of his neck. He keeps pulling up beside you on the freeway and looking at you with his lens.

Getting Digital Cameras to Sync is often a PITA . Most people just get a USB chip reader and pull the pictures off that way. Easier, faster, simpler and the reader is usually only $10-$15 for a single type reader to $20 or so for a multi-chip reader.

Yours has 16 megs onboard and uses SD and MMC cards.

Here are latest drivers for your camera

When I got my Olympus digital camera last year, I had a helluva time getting it to work on my computer. I ended up getting a “floppy disc” thing that accepted the memory stick. It worked well. Then Olympus e-mailed me back. They said I didn’t need the software I got with my camera. All I had to do was plug it into the USB port and it would be read as an external drive. :smack: (It works great, of course.)

One thing people do with USB stuff if they connect the item first then put on the software. Most of the USB stuff I have says to NOT connect the item before you put on the software.

If it uses a memory card you could use a card reader instead, they aren’t very expensive. Do any of the image programs see it?