My Picture Card Reader won't work. Help!

Okay, vital stats first:
My “new” computer was a donation. It’s an HP Pavilion with Windows 98 and CD-WRiter Plus and it has a little badge on the front with the numbers 6540C. I just got broadband.
My camera is a Fujifilm FinePix A210 with the standard memory card.

My ex threw out my old computer and software, so now I had this camera that I couldn’t use because I didn’t have any software or connecting cable. The guy at the camera store sold me an xD-Picture Card USB Drive DPC-UD1 for it, with assurances that I just plug the thing it and watch it go.

It did, at first, then it gave me a message that it didn’t have the necessary driver. Off I went to to download both the camera software and the driver for the reader.

The camera software seems to have installed–at least I can find the folders for it even though I can’t really access it through the menu or an icon.

The USB driver for the card reader isn’t doing anything. I got a message that says the files have been unzipped, and an instruction page that tells me to plug in the thing. Then I’m supposed to get a Driver Wizard, but no Driver Wizard is coming up.

I’m not sure what to do. My usual repetoire of turning it off and turning it back on, cursing, and complaining, just isn’t up to snuff for this one.

Any help? Thanks so much…

Okay, I did it all again, for the umpteenth time, turned it off and on again, and finally the USB driver has downloaded sucessfully.

Now, I just don’t know how to access any of it. There are no new icons and I can’t find it on the pull-down menus.

Now what??

Which version of Windows 98 are you using – Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition (SE)? Also, do any USB devices work on that box?

What worked at first? Did Windows recognize a device was attached to the USB port? Did you download the drivers for the card reader or for the camera?

Here’s a link to Microsoft’s article re general USB troubleshooting. I’ve used it --well, the links therein – quite a bit in the past.

The card reader should act as a new drive. When you put the xD card in the reader, you should see it, complete with its own driver letter, under My Computer.

I’m using Windows 98. When I plugged it in the very first time, it recognized it and gave me an Installation Wizard box. Then it stopped, told me the necessary drivers weren’t available, and I went off to download the drivers.

I checked under My Computer and it isn’t listed as a separate driver. It’s in a folder on the hard drive in that section. I can open the various files, but I can’t do anything with the programs.

I have (or attempted, at least…maybe I wasn’t successful and just don’t realize it) downloaded both the camera software and the card reader software. I’m stuck, though…

I should clarify a bit. The “it” I referred to is the card reader USB cable. It attempted to launch itself, failed, and thus began the whole saga.

EBay is callin’ my name, and I can’t get my pictures up! :frowning:

If you navigate to the hardware/device manager, do you see an entry that has a yellow triangle with a black exclamation mark next to it? If you do and its the card reader, right-click the device, select Properties and reinstall the drivers.

To get to the device mgr in Win 98, try right-clicking the My Computer icon and selecting Properties. I believe it’s located on one of the tabs in System Properties.