USB Fridge.......could do with this at work!

nice cold bear or drink, will probably make my laptop go slow though!

'twould have to be a pretty small bear.

And if he’s sunning himself and you chill him, it might become angry.

lol *beer, my bad! cant spell

Hey, I fell into the same trap (‘Write a word that rhymes with “near”.’) when I was trying to be a smart aleck in second grade. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess he’d have to be one of those Coca-Cola Polar Bears.

You mean one of those polar bears, which are from the the Northern hemisphere, that for some reason hangs out with penguins, which are from the Southern?

cold bear

Don’t you even try to tell me that the TV lied to me. if it’s on TV, it’s true!

Jack Torrance: See, it’s OK. He saw it on the television.

Ha! One of my favorite movie quotes!

What’s next, anyway? A USB Fireplace?

for real, people are going usb gadget crazy, iv seen a usb fan, microwave, fish tank, toy missile launcher

I have this one - it won’t make a lukewarm drink cold, but if you need to keep an already cold drink cool it’ll do the trick.

So it’s a thermos? Like a thing you do not have to plug in?

Now if you can just refrigerate the processors…

On the link…what’s the deal with the PSA on knives? Is it really that prevalent?

thought it was too good to be true

No, it has a plate in the bottom and you set your drink on it, but it doesn’t generate enough coolness to make the drink cold, maybe if you left it there overnight it would. But it works well enough to keep already cold stuff from getting warm.

thats a let down