Probably the Sickest Thumbdrive I've Ever Seen

It’s a teddy bear that you have to decapitate to plug it into the PC!

I totally want one!

That’s excellent!

I would absolutely buy one of those.

Same here. I love the second picture, the bear body sticking out of the USB port.

Winnie the Pooh was so full of data that he found himself stuck in Rabbit’s UDC plug.

Is that teddy bear a USB drive, or is she just happy to see me?

That’s as cool as the fake leg/hand that hangs out of the door of the car! Very edgy. I like.

Tres Cool, in a furry sort of way!
I prefer old german sex doll USB’s, myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sign me up for two, please!

Sick in two ways!

It’s so sick it’s sick!

Buy an average USB flash drive or your choice and buy or obtain a teddy bear or some other stuffed creature. Then, sever the head from the body and glue the drive to the inner body stuffing and glue the cap to the inner head stuffing. Voila!

Well, that does sound pretty cool.

Not as cool as my idea for one of these suckers, though. I would like one that looks like an uncircumcised penis. It would be spring-loaded somehow so that you pull back the ‘foreskin’ to insert the drive… I got this brilliant idea after looking at one one of these things my husband has that attaches to a screwdriver – it has a sort of foreskin thing on it that you pull up to hold the screw steady as you screw it.

Also because I usually refer to a thumb drive as a dick drive.