Butt Plug Idea

So I was out talking to a friend last night and we get to talking about butt plugs for some reason. He makes a joke and says they should light up like a flashlight like those squeezable flashlights under pressure. I ask him why he would want to stop there, why not have it like those little screaming bounce balls that play music when you smack them around (or squeeze them real tight) and have them play “It’s A Small World Afterall” (From Disney) when it is being squeezed or “Larger than Life” (Back Street Boys…Blech!) when one becomes too loose to maintain that type of steady pressure. Since most of my gay friends adore Disney and lust after the Back Street Boys I can’t see that this would be too far off there. If only the novelty of the gift could be overlooked and the training aspect taken into account at all times. Then it would be the BEST PRESENT EVER!

Why on Earth would anyone want to put a plug up their butt? That’s just wrong.

With my back to the floor
and my hands tugging knees
I could fart out a cork
with the greatest of ease.

I guess if I did have to have one, I’d want it to be like that little Dutch boy’s… the one that stuck his finger in the dyke.

But what did she do?

I heard a tale recently about a woman who set her pager on “vibrate.” Then she wrapped it in a condom and installed it in her Wonderful Place. Then she went bar-hopping and gave her pager number to every man she flirted with.

That’s seems a little excessive, couldn’t she just call hersefl?

Question about butt plugs - can they be removed by internally pushing or do they need to be pulled out?

Both. You have to understand - a butt plug is basically a small dildo, sort of diamond-shaped so it stays in, but with a flared base so that it doesn’t get, um, lost.

As matt_mcl siad, a combination of applied pressuer and tugging on the base which most of them have.

Sometiles, however there is either no base, or you use a model with a string attached (like anal beads or just a rubber dong with no testicles) and after some strenious play, maybe “expanding” your current abilities back there you can get too tires to do any real effective pushing, and it’s then that the string breaks. Don’t panic, just go sit the terlet a while or do squats in the shower, unless you really took it too far there should be no need for an embarassing visit to an emergency room…

As for the OP: The do have ones that light up.

When they thought of this, did a light bulb go on over their ass?

Good lord this thread title got me some intersting sequential titles. Yesterdays was Butt plug idea followed by The seven faggots of SDMB, but todays was Butt Plug Idea, I could use some good vibes.

So what is the attraction of one of these jewels? I just don’t get it. (nor do I want it, but knowledge is a good thing)

Ah, but this way, she gets happy little surprises… She never knows when she’s going to get a happyhappyjoyjoy buzz!

There’s even a specifically made toy for this… A “butterfly” vibrator that is worn all day, and is activated like a pager, or by remote (shorter ranged). The woman gives her lover the number or remote, and her lover can give her a ‘happy little message’ whenever the thought occurs.

Good, clean, mildly kinky fun!

Maybe that’s what they should have designated *69 for.

"So what is the attraction of one of these jewels? I just don’t get it. "

The typical butt plugs are used either as a stretching device (they have size graduated ones) or simply for sexual pleasure. If you don’t enjoy being on the receiving end of anal sex, you will not enjoy them.

Will they keep my soda carbonated?