Recommend a cool memory stick.

My key chain looks lame without a memory stick and my old one just broke apart.

I don’t want another dull memory stick. I want to see if there is anything out there that’s more creative.

Any ideas?

This is the closest I could find to the one I’ve got. Mine’s cream coloured. The coolest thing about it is its size. No thicker/wider than the gap in the usb slot!
edit: Not creative as such. But cool in the sense that understated miniaturized things are cool. Like Zoolander’s mobile phone.

edit: A cooler one - because it’s chrome!

Here’s the actual one I have…

It fits better into a usb port than the first ones I linked to. A friend of mine has one of the first ones, and you have to kind of force it into the port.

This one is pretty cool. I don’t know how well it will go on a keychain, but I like it.
I love this one.

Depending on your definition of ‘cool’, there’s always the humping dog USB drive

One warning, though. It had one unexpectedly nasty effect when we plugged it into a Mac G5 (and possibly other desktops). The dog is shaped just right so that inserting his plug into the USB port presses his nose into the power button, shutting the computer down.

I have one where you put on dark glasses, twist the lower part, a bright flashy thing comes on, and … what was the question?

SwissBit Swiss Army Knife

Basically, a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife with a USB drive in it. The thumbdrive itself can be removed from the knife so you can keep your data with you when you travel on planes. They also sell replacement thumb drive thingies to go with it that go all the way up to 16GBs.

buy a mem stick
rip off the outside
carry it around naked.
I have one that the cover broke on and have been using it for months, granted I dont carry it on a key chain.

Pen / laser pointer / Memory Stick

Girly bracelet



I have no concept of cool, obviously

Hey, I teach computer courses at a college and you might as well buy the cheapest one possible at Walmart.

My students:

Forget them and leave them in the computer.
Break them.
Lose them.
Get stolen.
Forget them at home.
Pull them out too soon and lose everything.
Step on them.
Accidentally delete everything on them.
Put in back pocket, sat on it and broke it.
Dropped in toilet (I didn’t even bother to ask how).
BTW, one of my students found a deal on Amazon for 8 gig flash drives for $14.95 and bought a few and sold them to other students! Don’t know if you can still get them, but he found them a few weeks before Christmas.

Anything on a lanyard that you can remove by pressing two points on a plastic clip but is resilient enough to hold on to being tugged on by accident is perfect. And I don’t bother with all the larger memory sized ones… 2 gigs is great for me. I rarely find much that I need to carry on me that is larger than that and anything much smaller I can just e-mail myself… leaving space for stuff that is in the half to two gig size.