Use Report Post - But its my post!!!

I was told recently to use the report post button to get faster attention on corrections to posts. after not seeing the button for my post, and having someone post after me, I don think dopers get the button for their own posts.
Can someone please remove the smack smilie from my spoiler box at

While its a Spoiler the Smack gives too much info away by itself, given the context
(Of TVs Beyond Belief)

If you want to report your post, report the one above or below it and tell us that you’re reporting your own post. I will remove Smackie.

I do believe that the moderators have indicated before that, if you need something done to your own post, it is acceptable to simply report the post above or below yours.

Gaudere and zut have already defined the relevant process for reporting your own post. I know from past experience doing so that it helps staff if you make a mental note that your post was, say, post #18 in the thread, and make reference to that in reporting post #17 to get your own post fixed.

It’s my understanding that if you make an error in your OP when creating a new thread, what you should do is copy the URL of the thread from the address bar, then report another thread in the same forum and paste into the report the URL of your thread, which will enable the moderators to go directly to your thread and make the needed fix.

Yes, just PLEASE be sure to be specific in your write-up. When you REPORT BAD POST, you’re allowed to write info about why/what/etc, and the more info you give, the easier it is for the Moderator to figure out what you want.