Using Antique Fonts w/Word 2K

      • .fon fonts, that is.
  • I copied a few off an older computer, and I notice that Word 2K doesn’t recognize them any longer. The original source of the .fon files was the drivers for a dot-matrix printer. If I double-click on the .fon file, it brings up a window that looks just like the ones you get when you double-click on a .ttf file; it shows them in various sizes and everything, which lead me to assume it could resize them just as it can with .ttf fonts (although the .fon characters would look chunky at larger sizes, but that’s why I copied 'em). Word 2K doesn’t show them in its font list-box at all. Wordpad shows and uses them, but for the couple I installed, the old .fon files sometimes print little-bitty size, like a quarter of a millimeter tall. Smaller than the fine printing on new US currency. -Which I think what the computer is doing is printing them the “correct” size, considering that the intended 13 pin printer, but they look tiny on a 1200x1200 inkjet. Is there any way to get Word 2K to use them properly? - MC