Using "Jumpin' Jack Flash" to sell cars...

…is wrong.


They’ve already used “Satisfaction” for some product endorsement.

They’re using Led Zep’s “Rock 'n Roll” to sell Cadillacs.

“. . .and they will ruin rock and roll and strangle everything we love about it.”

Not saying it ain’t wrong, but it just IS.

If I can allow myself into the marketing level for a minute, I think that’s a pretty cool commercial. It’s the best looking vette in a while. Great shots of the car.

And it SUCH a crass, ovious appeal to men who want to recapture their youth. . . the song choice, and and actual KID driving the car.

if you’re talking abotu the stupid chevy one where they’re playign car-frisbee, it’s not “jumpin’ jack flash”, it’s “bohemian like you” by the dandy warhols.

and it’s funny, because the song starts off with “you got a great car, yeah what’s wrong with it today…”

they conveniently hack off the second line…

no. it’s a corvette commercial where a kid about 12 is hot rodding around a city.

at the end he jumps the car, and sees a girl jumping another corvette in teh other direction. she winks at him.

it’s pretty stupid, but the commercial still resonates with me a little.

Nope, talking about the 'vette ad Trunk seems insufficiently appalled by. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife makes up for it.

One of those commercials she HATES with a passion. She hates when kids are used in an adult way, and was a much bigger Stones fan than I, too.

The thing I hate about that Corvette commercial is that, due to liability concerns, there is a message in teeny little letters at the bottom of the screen. *This is a dream. Drive only with a license, and drive responsibly."

A local radio commercial thats on all the gdmf time plays “IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!” (by Europe, I think?) as part of their radio ad. I’m pretty sure its a Ford dealership.

Ugh, hearing that turd 8 million times in the 1980s was enough. Who thought that was a good idea? :smack:

Jumpin’ Jack Flash should be used to sell white luxury convertibles. And the commercial should be set in the desert, between Las Vegas and LA.

(I sure hope someone gets the reference.)

I don’t think anything will top the shock I felt hearing Janis Joplin’s original “Mercedes Benz” used for an actual Mercedes ad.

The ad got pulled:

Jeez, the rare commercial that I actually like and it gets yanked for stupid reasons…

Not to be outdone, Yoko Ono has sold John Lennon’s image to Nike for a new line of shoes (no joke).

Of course “a percentage of the profits” will go to promote world peace. In kind, I will withhold a tiny percentage of the loathing I feel for that wretch.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash” has already been used as the title to a Whoopi Goldberg movie. I do not think it is possible to further debase it.

I seem to remember Lennon’s song Revolution being used for Nike years ago.
At the time, I think Ono said something to the effect that she did not want John “deified.”
I dunno, I think much of our aging boomer’s culture was sold out and/or recycled a long time ago. The social revolution sputtered a bit, and now it’s music and fashion that are for sale.
It seems like every catchy bubblegum song was used up for TV commercials, and now they are reaching for the classics. Some of my favorite bands (the Who, Led Zep) go ahead and sell.
How much money does a person need???

That’s funny.

The car is a OUTLAW.

The song is a OUTLAW.

The kid is an OUTLAW.

We’re so bad, even the commercial is a OUTLAW.

Good point.

I can’t believe they yanked the ad – what exactly are the car safety groups objecting to? They think that all the 11 year olds (or midlife-crisis aged men) are going to take their 'vettes on spins mid-air? That they will get confused about the whole gravity thing? :rolleyes: