Using the WTC tragedy to shift blame

Why is it that companies are using the tragedy to shift blame?

Our local station asked that because now only ticketed passengers are allowed thru points beyond the security that the resturants and shops would suffer if it was permanent. I heard a quote from a UAL spokesman he arrogantly said that he has far too many important things to do as the airline is comforting the victims to answer ridiculous questions like that.

My first response was (maybe illogically) "Well if your airline had better security and wasn’t so money hungry to cut corners this wouldn’t have happened to begin with.

The fact is what will these minimum wage workers do if they get laid off?

I work in the hotel industry and our compnay said it wouldn’t charge cancellation fees.

All but 5% of our groups in Sept cancelled which I can see but being busy taking cancel calls I helped out up in Sales and I had two companies canceling for the first week of DECEMBER. Now normally if companies cancel their meetings the pay a cancellation fee.

These companies stated that they shouldn’t be charged due to the WTC tragedy. I can understand how if your meeting is now and you can’t fly etc etc…But this is for DECEMBER. They said if we charged them no judge would rule for us as we would be cold hearted and they’d go to the press at how unpatriotic our company was.

Seems to me they were using the problem to get out now as they may not be able to afford the meeting due to the predicted bad ecomomy in December.

The military guy was on TV saying we need to spend as much as we can to upgrade the airports and tighten security even if it means going to social security.

Then my OWN company which two weeks ago had a 4th (and final) layoff round, today laid MORE people off and asked most to go to a 3 day or 4 day work week. (I wasn’t cut as I’m the only person in my department)

When some complained my boss said they were unfeeling and should just be thankful to be alive.

The paper reported the networks each don’t want to be the first to quit the 24/7 coverage of the WTC disaster.

Since they aren’t running commercials, and paying overtime to everyone they will have to jack up the cost of their ad rates when they cease news coverage and the advertisers will pass that on to us. ABC says they aren’t concerned about money now. But do you think they aren’t going to be concerned enuff not to try to make up the profits?

Am I the only one that is noticing this trend.?