USPS Priorities

Is there still 1st class mail, etc. And, is there still a priority to when different classes of mail are delivered on different days of the week? If so, what is the priority?


I don’t know what that questions, but the main difference is that Express Mail can be delivered on Sundays or Holidays. None of the others can, although if it has been picked up, it still navigates thru the system.

Express Mail generally gets there the next day. In cases like mailing from the East Coast to Hawaii, probably the second day (as it was in my case).

Standard Mail (formerly called Bulk Mail) is cheap, but slow.

First Class is fast, and (relatively) cheap.

Priority Mail costs a good bit more than First Class, but in most cases the delivery time will be the same. Most of the added value with Priority Mail is psychological (in my experience).

The “Parcel” rates used to be a fair amount lower than Priority Mail rates, but depending upon where you’re mailing to and from the difference in cost might not be much.

Personal observations on all the above. YMMV.

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