UV Activated Adhesives, anyone try them?

There have been a multitude of commercials on TV for ultraviolet activated adhesives recently. I happened to be in WalMart this afternoon and noticed they had two kinds on display near the checkout.

Dentists have been using UV activated adhesives for some time and I know that there are industrial brands. I believe Norland is one maker.

These are clear and cure when the included UV LED is directed on the joint.

I know they are not going to be industrial quality, but I’m wondering if they are at all useful.

Tell me about your success or failure.

They work. I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews about the little kit advertised on TV. Not that it doesn’t work at all, but it’s expensive for what you get, the glue leaks, it takes longer to set than you think, and doesn’t bond as well as they say. That last part might just be failure to use it properly. I think it’s the same basic formulation as the commercial products though.

ETA: My own experience is with UV curing Bondo, worked fine. I know someone who makes kayaks using prepreg UV curing fabric, he loves it.

There are times when the uv cure would be handy. Now I use JB Weld etc.

My fridge was not dispensing ice. A video on YouTube showed me how to access the dispensing levers for ice and water.

I found that a microswitch that activates the auger motor was essentially hanging free by its wiring harness. The switch was supposed to be held stationary on two plastic “spikes,” both of which were broken off the insert in the door. The door insert was not a replaceable part, according to the manufacturer (meaning that their preferred repair was to replace the entire door).

That wasn’t gonna happen, so I picked up a kit at the local Ace Hardware, and with the assistance of my daughter, returned the spikes to the insert, slid the microswitch into place, and buttoned up the assembly.

I’d say it works as advertised.

Do you remember the brand name?

Bondic, IIRC.