V For Vendetta trailer is online!

Alan Moore wasn’t impressed, but I think it looks awesome. Check out the trailer at:



Ok, I agree. It look kewl as hell.

But . . .

honestly, I thought the trailer for Phantom Menace looked really flippin’ good, too.

Gotta reserve judgement.

Rather odd to see John Hurt on the other side of the Big Brother screen, eh?

The website refers to the Wachowski brothers. I thought they were now the Wachowski siblings.

Too many knife throwing shots, but wow. The character V looks absolutely perfect. Hated the Matrix movies, but with a good story and actual actors, this could rock.

Damn! that was exactly what I was going to say…I guess now that he loves him he got a promotion.

They don’t seem to be downplaying the politics in favour of the “comic book” …quite the opposite. So I’m hopeful.