Vaccine refuser data thread

This is getting debate-y. Don’t want to be guilty of junior modding here, but see post #119 for the intent of this thread.

I do think the issues surrounding the implementation of vaccine passports are well worth debating. If someone wants to start a thread that, it I’ll be only to happy to join in.


I will join in too. It is very tricky to stay on the factual straight and narrow at this pace.

And I am happy to be gently reminded by others or mods if I stray, so call me up short if I get carried away.

Should I start it?


Yep, please do.

I certainly wouldn’t do that.

Not until it is available to everyone, anyway. Or if they have a legitimate medical exemption.

But, I’ve been spending tons of money on labor and resources this last year to keep things open while doing my best to prevent spread within my workplace. Once there is an alternative, then I’m not going to keep any employees that insist on continuing to be a risk to other employees, clients, or to myself.

To prevent this thread from being turning into a vaccine passport debate, I just created a separate thread:

The Vaccine Passport - news and views

The Quarantine Zone

See you there.


Geez, what is the deal with this? Is this some kind of code language that is just between friends, or does this guy really mean that objectors should be dealt with violently?

And that’s not to mention the blatant misinformation that covid will be unchecked for ten years running without vaccines.

This kind of stuff is just not helping.

This is a bit over the top for this forum. Please do not advocate violence or killing people. This belongs in another forum.

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Some black and hispanic people have allowed past abuses such as the Tuskegee syphilis experiment to influence their views about the Covid vaccine.

This was in the UK. And I realise it is a personal experience only, but data about who will REALLY take it is hard to find.

One person at work (London, UK) was asked to move to a different team becasue he was needed their. He objected saying he was BAME and we werren’t taking this into account.

When asked if he had the vaccine he said ‘no, I am still doing my research’.

We have followed every rule and every precaution, eg: bubbles, masks, distancing, no customers on site, staff shielding, no pressure on staff, accommodating staff, etc. We also test staff twice a week, but he refuses the test.

This is his right, but he has to understand that we have a rights and duties relating to our work too.

Such situations will be repeated countrywide (UK and USA) and will impact companies, economy, and work patterns of everyone.

NY Times: “ Younger Military Personnel Reject Vaccine, in Warning for Commanders and the Nation.
About one-third of the troops have declined to take the vaccine. Many say they worry the vaccines are unsafe or were developed too quickly. Others want a sense of independence, even in uniform.”

“…Roughly one-third of troops on active duty or in the National Guard have declined to take the vaccine, military officials recently told Congress. In some places, such as Fort Bragg, N.C., the nation’s largest military installation, acceptance rates are below 50 percent.”

One (an emergency medical worker!) refusenik “added that some of her colleagues had told her they would rather separate from the military than take the vaccine should it become mandatory.”

THESE are the selfish, suggestible morons who are supposedly in charge of “protecting” our country?

(Sorry if that wording is better suited for the Pit.)

Well, I wasn’t expecting test refusers. Is there any indication why he refuses the tests? Financial maybe - fear of being sent home if he tests positive?



Wow. When I was in the military, you could not refuse a vaccine.

A recent entrant in the World’s Most Horrible Acronym contest: Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic.

Said Bame (rather than B - A - M - E).


ETA - I just thought of my own entry, just as bad: THEM - Tinted, Hispanic and Ethnic Minorities.

ETA#2 - Just to be clear, ETA#1 was about my loathing of the exclusionary term BAME

Note that BAME is a term in the UK, not elsewhere. Yet.

Jackmannii posted this in the pit thread Will Anti-vaccers take toe Covid-19 vaccine? and I’m nicking it and reposting here. (Hats off to @Jackmannii for finding it, BTW).

It’s a survey, yes, and we prefer real vaccination numbers - but what a weird survey it is.

It’s not my country, so I’ll refrain from further commentary.


I’m down the list for getting it. When available I would get it. No side effects for my mom and sister and other people I know. I find they are still hesitant to go out and about, though.

Still think it’s your choice whether to get it. Risk/reward etc. I can understand if you are younger and want children later , to wait and see what develops. Or religious reasons or just because.

Huh? Care to explain this?

I’m old , so if you are in childbearing age, one might worry about fertility as it’s relates to the vaccine. No big anti vaccine conspiracy.