Vagina Boy! or What Almost Made Me Pee My Pants While Laughing

As every known diety as my witness, this is an honest-to-God news story:

For those of you who can’t get to the link for some reason, the gist is this - a 17-year-old high school boy wore his mother’s vagina costume to school and ended up getting suspended (after he won first place for best costume). Well. at least it looks anatomically correct!


Wait, we already discussed this under “The Apex of Parenting.” Although that was less about laughter and more a discussion of the appropriateness of the consequences to the kid.

Damn. That is crazy.

[sub] Surprise, nothing of value coming from SFT here, but I felt the need to reply. I always feel bad for posts with 1 reply, they look so lonely, and this was such a worthwhile story to read and laugh at.

Oh, lord, does that mean that there is more than one such costume in the world?


Yes! There’s another at the University of [sub]mumble mumble[/sub] in Rollins, MO, and it’s proudly owned by my cousin’s fraternity.

Scary, isn’t it?

What a prick!

[sub]I was going to say the c-word, but I knew it wasn’t appropriate - I do have SOME discretion![/sub]Redboss

Man, that guy looks like a real pussy.

[sub]Ok sorry, sorry. You can throw stuff, just no more rocks.[/sub]

I guarantee you that if that fellow wasn’t wearing pads underneath that costume, he’s got a bruised stomach right now.

Hey, why not?

It’s no worse than the Vulva Puppets?

Wouldn’t he wear the pad on the outside?

So who’s going to come <cough cough> as a vagina to a Halloween DopeFest next year?

I saw this a few days ago over at
I admit I laughed.

but what the hell was the mother thinking?