Vaginal lubrication in prepubescent girls

Is there any difference between the vaginal lubrication of a prepubescent girl and an adult woman? Does a prepubescent girl have increased vaginal lubrication during sexual arousal?
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Since lowered estrogen levels during and after menopause result in loss of vaginal lubrication, I would assume that pre-pubescent girls, who similarly have low estrogen levels, have about the same amount of vaginal lubrication as menopausal and post-menopausal women.


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My Mosby’s Guide to the Family Practice says “Genital manipulation to ease insertion of a tampon should be avoided because except for the statistically rare cases of precociousness premature females will not produce significant lubrication to ease penetration. In any case and in Practical terms if discovered such techniques should be discouraged and measures should be taken to treat the patient’s anxiety and reinforce the benefits of proper menstrual care. Thorough parental consultation is vital.”

If they’re menstruating, they aren’t really prepubescent, are they?


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