Women - Can you be dry and still want it?

Seriously, when a women is, shall we say, not as “moist” as one could be, can she still be “in the mood”? Or, is that a deal killer?

Is that a dead giveaway for a women who does not want to have sex or is not into it?

You certainly can.

Lots of factors go into the amount of lubrication a woman has, such as time of the month (where she is in her cycle) and environmental factors (I had an issue with air conditioning one time).


She can indeed be quite in the mood, and not have a lot of lubrication.

First of all, women vary in how much lubrication they naturally give.

Secondly, as FilmGeek mentioned, the time in her cycle can affect the amount.

But thirdly, the method of birth control a woman uses can also affect lubrication. I can tell you from experience that some birth control pills can drastically reduce the amount of lubrication you’re used to.

My advice: artificial lubricant comes in all sizes of packaging and can’t hurt anything.

I never had problems with lubrication while in my twenties except for once or twice when I was really drunk. These were rather singular events (not the getting drunk so much as the lacking lubrication). I always deduced it had something to do with dehydration. No such problems ever occurred in my 30s – I’d stopped getting that drunk, I guess. I’m now 43 and occasionally have a little problem – I suppose because I’m getting older. Get a little bottle of K-Y – it works great. My husband and I call it ‘go-juice.’

Just like men can have problems getting it up, even though they’re entirely in the mood, women don’t always lubricate well. In addition to all the reasons mentioned, certain medications (for me, notoriously, allergy medications; after all, the meds don’t know which mucous membranes they’re supposed to be drying out). Also, like Jess said, I’m having more trouble now that I’m in my 40’s. KY is good, so is Astroglide.

Astroglide keeps the bacon rubbin’ fine.

When I wasn’t on Depo, I was seriously doubting the wisdom of the idea " you can’t be too wet". Ok, whatever you say :rolleyes: . Now, it takes a little more effort, and I own lube (well, for the sex toy more than just the sex… oh my…) but it’s actually nicer for the both of us. So sometimes it’s a good thing, other times, gotta remember not to get started before I’m ready.

Let me ask - is this stuff that all of you are mentioning, uh, etable?

dryness can have many reasons that has nothing to do with arousal.
A really common cause are anti-histimines. They work on the vaginal secretions in much the same way they work on sinuses, essentially turning off the glands.

It’s all “etable” and usually has a sweet flavor to it.

A word of advice: if it’s dry down there, and you don’t happen to have any Astroglide or KY, there IS a way for you to make it wetter, ya know… :wink:

I haven’t been able to get wet “down there” since I was 16. We think it’s hormonal, and maybe the BC pills doesn’t help. shrug So we experiemented and found a lube we like (there’s a lot more out there than KY and astroglide) and also found some lube that tasted good and moved on.

It can be hormonal, after giving birth you usually have a bit of a problem with dryness… and of course if you do too much you can be a bit dry towards the end… though it’s still not usually too bad. straightens halo

Another vote here for - can still be in the mood.

Second that.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Spit? :confused:

Not that I have any problem with that, you know, just that your post was a little vague.

With one caveat: Although they’re still “etable”, lubes containing Nonoxynol-9 make my tongue numb.

Too much alcohol also prevents lubrication, at least IME. Obviously, it tends to have the opposite effect on the mood :smiley:

When I was pregnant and for a long time after, I wasn’t producing anywhere near my normal amounts of “moisture.” Thank goodness for astroglide.

Okay, my 2 cents: K-Y is certainly not “etable”. I’d go so far as to say “it tastes like ass”.

My SO won’t go down on me while I’m lubed up either, so I’m not the only one who thinks so…