When do middle aged women begin losing lose vaginal moistness?

Just curious.

Hm, 43 here, and not yet=)

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How long is a piece of string? It varies a lot. But as you are using lots of slippery substances in bed for massages, facials and other pampering devices it will never be a problem.

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Generally, loss of vaginal moistness is tied with menopause, so it depends on when menopause starts. I started pretty early. I’m 43 now, and we end up using bottled stuff an awful lot.

astro, I’m just a bit curious: Is there a reason behind your curiosity for this? Seems like a fairly random question to just off-handedly ask. :confused:


It’s threads like this where I find myself once thanking the heavens that I can still get turned down by 21-year-old women for being too young.

Just to expand on Norinew’s answer…during and after menopause, the production of estrogen drops. Estrogen is one of the major hormones that contribute to the maintenance and condition of various tissues in the body.

Certain tissues and organs are estrogen sensitive…breast tissue, fat cells, and vaginal tissues come to mind. When estrogen levels drop, the estrogen sensitive tissues will change from their former fullly supported condidtion to something less.

So not only will breast and vaginal tissues change, but so do fat tissues. This effect can be seen as women age, and fat redistributes itself in the body.

It’s what happens if you live long enough…just like the prostate enlargement (and cancer) that occurs in most men when they reach middle age.

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