Valentine's Day ideas

*with all apologies to those of the “anti-valentine” persuasion . . . *

Does anyone have a good story or idea for making this VD extra special ? The female I am with right now is just flat out amazing, and I want this to be very moving and memorable for her. The whole roses and candies thing seems so done. I want to come up with something creative and romantic.

Anyone have an idea that has either worked well in the past ? Or one that you haven’t been able to try out yet ?

Thanks . . .

  • NM

P.S. She is a first grade teacher, does that help ?

As someone of the female persuasion…I would go “ga-ga” over the whole trail of little notes I need to figure out to lead me to a HOT waiting bubble bath where you pampered me before drying me off and scooping me into your arms. The rest you should fill in as the situation arises. (But be creative…make the first note inside a balloon with a safety pin tied to the string or inside a fortune cookie…have fun with it…make her wander out in the yard, inside the house…make her think. Nothing makes me hotter than a man who inspires me to use my brain or what passes for my brain these days.)

Or ya could go with my other idea of making up a basket filled with bath bubbles and massage oils to be shared together.

I’m just hoping for a beer this year, myself.

TM, I LIKE that idea. sigh Too bad I didn’t have a man to do something like that for me at the moment… :frowning:

NothingMan, probably the most special Valentine’s Day I had was when I was taken to Disney World by my (now) ex. He told me the day before to be ready early, that he was picking me up around 7. Dress comfortable, didn’t need to bring anything. The next morning, he picked me up, we drove toward Orlando, and got off at Disney. He spent the day doing whatever I wanted, treating me like a Queen, and holding me tight that night as we watched the fireworks. Then he presented me with one of those light-up roses. It was a great day all the way around.

The second most special Valentine’s Day wasn’t even created by anyone I was dating (just to give us single people a little hope for specialness on that day! :wink: ) I was dating the same guy as above (but earlier in the relationship), but we’d gotten in a fight or something, and he had never done anything for me for Valentine’s Day anyway. I was bemoaning this fact to a male friend of mine on the phone. He suddenly said he had to go, he’d talk to me later. So, I just kinda sat around my apartment when about 30, 45 minutes later there was a knock on my door. My friend was there with 2 roses, dinner from Taco Bell and a small flask of Southern Comfort. He gave them to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Happy Valentine’s Day”, then left. Now THAT is friendship.

I know the second one won’t help you much, NM, but I’m thinking it might help someone else who has a friend that is down for the holiday…

Do you cure extra-special VD with extra-special penicillin?