valentines day and I'm broke

In general it sucks being broke. But it especially sucks on Valentine’s Day when your partner is such a delight and you would love to give them something really special. I’m not the most creative guy in the world so I need your help. What can I do or get that is inexpensive but really unique and special? What’s the most romantic thing someone has done for you on Valentine’s Day? Anything involving cooking is definitely out of the question. PLEASE HELP!

How about an all-expense-paid trip for to to MPSIMS?

Most romantic thing you can do for your valentine is a love letter - hand-written on nice stationary or a pretty card.

For a no-cook meal, do a picnic with sausage, cheese, crackers and fruit, plus your favorite beverage. If the weather isn’t good enough to go outside (hey, I live in TX, I could have done it last weekend) spread a blanket on your Living Room floor, and light a bunch of candles.

If this is a long-standing relationship, there’s probably something she wants you to do, that you’ve been balking at. This can be a good way of showing your love.

Ok. I’m poor too. Super poor. I’m making the boy dinner and I bought a $4 bottle of wine - nothing but the best. Now, I did save money for a present, but I always am making presents for people because I am poor.

I dont know how long you’ve been dating, but I did this once for my SO and he loved it. If you’ve been dating for a while make a collage/scrap book of stuff you’ve done togeher. Movie ticket stubs, maybe newspaper reviews of concerts or plays you’ve seen together (this is also a great place for pics of things you may have done.) Decorate it with any pics you have of the two of you or even of you doing romantic stuff. Slap on a few stickers and some endearing, “and I want our future to have more of this. . .” comments.

I think the picnic idea with cheese and crackers is great and romantic. Bring a book of poetry and read some to her/him.

The point is to make an effort. If it looks like you’ve put alot of work and thought into it, your SO will adore it.

Good luck.

Or coupons. I love those. One for a massage, one for a night of hot steamy sex any way she wants it, household tasks, . Along with a singlerose, a love letter or poem, some chocolate (hint: I love the Dove Chocolate rose with chocolate hearts, cost about $2.00) and any other sweet gesture ( I like Zyada’s picnic idea, maybe run her a bubble bath with candles scattered around the bathroom) you can think up will earn you bug points. Or would with me.

That should have been ** big ** points, not bug points. :: hanging head in shame ::

Why don’t you buy a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor, take off the label and attach a fake Dom Perignon label?

Then buy a candy bar and chop it up and stick the pieces haphazardly in a really big box labeled “chocolates”.

Finally, cut a piece of evergreen and staple pieces of colorful garbage to the branches. Wrap in plastic - presto - “flowers”

Total cost: Maybe $5

How about some wet, sloppy oral sex? It costs nothing and one size fits all.