Valet Auto Review: '66 Caddy Fleetwood

This edition of VAR centers on a classic Detroit ride: the "66 cadillac Fleetwood

The classic auto show is in AC this weekend and some of the rides parked at Ballys.

One made it into my hands:D

Teal green inside and out.

Very little body damage in the way of scratches and dents; the owner knows how to take care of this steel. From my ameteur eye, the car is not restored but very wel maintained in original condition.

Vintage big-block pushrod iron had the classic 60s burble in the exhaust, and the auto tranny was smooth as silk.

LOTS of body roll, as half a century of ageing caused suspension components to go far beyond “loosened up”.:wink:

Power everything: brakes, steering, windows.

I saw no switch for cruise control…but DID find a contol for twilight sentinel: I thought that wasnt invented till the 80s!

Cool ride, two door or four?
Did all the options work?
How about tilt wheel?
Gangster sidewalls or plain?
Gimme some details man!

Like the link shows, four doors…but no vynil top.
429 cube pushrod v8 and 3 sp turbo-hydramatic 400.
if the wheel tilts, I dunno, I leave the steering wheel, seat and radio like I find it
(unless I’m driving with my knees on the dashboard cuz the owner’s short or something;))
No aftermarket bling…just showroom stock.

You could put alot of dead bodies in that trunk!

A lot more. Surely it’s had some already. :wink: